Friday, June 26, 2009

Love Is Alive

"Love is alive at our breakfast table every day of the is alive and it grows every day and night, even in our is alive and it's made a happy woman out of me." -The Judds

Having a dog means having love in your life every single day. It means having a pure and innocent being who adores you, and follows you wherever you may go. 
My little brother took these photos of Kiki and I on our trip to the Bavarian countryside. I brought along Kiki's favorite stuffy, the tiger my mother brought her for Christmas last year. Here we are, wrestling around with it on the kitchen floor of the vacation cottage. 
I love Kiki so much and feel blessed to have her friendship and companionship. I am grateful every day that she came to live with us. It may seem strange to someone who has never had a dog, but it's the truth: she is a special member of our family.


  1. Hi! I totally agree with you!
    I have 3 dogs...Their love is so important for me..there's nothing else in the morning when I wake up better then their smile!
    Have a nice weekend and many greetings to Kiki!

  2. Yesyesyessss...I so am looking forward to sharing this love:) Kiki, Ena and now Cody coming are growing a palace of LOVE for all of us to revel in, Dawn. Thank you for being born and growing into the beautiful heart you are named after.
    Thank you also for listening to me today on the phone. More in an e-mail later.
    This is a very exciting time for me, for us, in that is has huge challenges and equal Grace.



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