Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

I've been taking my morning walks with the dogs here around town just to be safe, and now that I have my new light little Canon, I can easily throw it into my shoulder bag and take snapshots while meandering through our neighborhood.

Mansions, apartments, cottages....all kinds of buildings, old and new. Branches and dirt roads with golden leaves. A lovely sunny day in September.

Today I had another session of acupuncture and I could feel it working. Rafael squirmed around quite a bit while I had the needles in, and pushed his head so deep into my pelvis that it hurt. When I came home I took a bubble bath and a nap, and I'm feeling fine now, though very tired.

Every day and every night, I wonder if this will be time that labor begins.

Ramon has been so busy with work, and I feel that he needs to settle down a little, get grounded, and prepare mentally and emotionally for the arrival of our little one. The birthing course on Friday and Saturday will no doubt put the focus on our baby and the journey which lies ahead.


  1. One of these days, I'll open up a post from you that will introduce Rafael in person. I'm looking forward to that day. Stay rested, well, and happy. I love following along with your progress. Thanks!

  2. It is a beautiful day in the neighborhood!! How beautiful you look and I am so very, very happy to hear Raphael is full term now!!!! It looks so glorious where you live, Dawn, and what a lovely time of year to have a baby!!! Can't wait to hear of him arriving!! Sending lots of love your way, Sherry xxxxx

  3. Beautiful neighbourhood!
    I never got the chance to feel these any-day-now moments, as my son was pre-mature, but there must be so many feelings and thoughts. Stay cosy and happy!
    Big hugs!

  4. I have enjoyed seeing your town in the last few posts. And I googled the pottery for Christmas gifts! I have always admired them in your pictures.

    Wishing you continued blessings with a healthy & happy baby and a quick & easy birth,

  5. So nice you get out to walk about your darling town in beautiful Austria. Just love seeing a part of the world so far away. You are taking good care of yourself and Raphael, won't be long now until he is cradled in your arms. Rainy day here and will be rest of week. Can't wait til rain stops, coming down too hard to go for a walk, lol!

  6. Beautiful town dawn i love what u post. Everyday i read your post and it;s so nice that you share your everyday moments with us >>> thank you lot's of blessing for you and your family :)

  7. Dear Dawn,
    It's wonderful to see images of your town. It sounds and looks absolutely beautiful.
    Mike was also busy at work right up until the babies were born. Now he works two days at home - something I don't think he ever imagined doing!
    I thought of you over the weekend when we stopped in at our local baby consignment store. They had the silver little race car we admired on Pinterest! (I believe you found one on Amazon). We're in such a small town, it was the last thing I expected to find.
    When we got home, Mike put Graham on it and although it's too big, we loved watching him explore his new toy. So cute.

  8. Sorry Dawn i did to write my name . my name is Mary i,m from Chicago il

  9. I always went into a nesting period before the birth, a cleaning frenzy of sorts! Rest up while you can! I love how thick and green it is there!

  10. was thinking about you today...and wondering...

    sending love


  11. Your last postings are really nice, giving us the chance to get a glimpse of your town. Enjoy your walks and best wishes for giving birth safely.

  12. Hey Dawn,

    I have SO MUCH to say about working too hard and trying to fit everything in before the baby's birth. I don't know if I should put it all down here, write you an email separately or write my own post about it.

    To summarize, I made the mistake, being in a similar field as Ramon, of grinding myself down in an effort to provide for my family. There were rewards to it (or I wouldn't have down it) but I paid the price. Emotionally, physically, spiritually -- I was wrecked. It took a heavy toll and I don't advise it.

    Anyway, let me know which of the means, if you'd like to hear my thoughts, you'd prefer... :)

    All my best,

  13. Love your shots with that little camera! My small one is always with me too! Never know when you might get that once in a lifetime shot...lol

    Glad you are taking such good care of yourself! It won't be long and you will have that precious baby in your arms!

    xoxo Gert

  14. I'm loving these little looks into your village Dawn. It looks so beautiful and quiet and peaceful.
    Good luck as Raffi's birthdate gets closer. I'm thinking of you always and wondering if this is the day. xoxo

  15. Dearest Dawn, beautiful post, as always...I feel your stillness & waiting in these last days, it comesthrough in your gorgeous photos too! So exciting, but also reflective. I cannot wait to see you with Raffi in your arms..I know Ramon will be fine. I think men find things hard to visualise & imagine until they are a fact, right there in front of them! The classes will be great for both of you (if you make it that far, of course!):-) Sending much love and hugs to you both xoxo ps a tip from Esther (who has 2 dogs) when you get to hospital & Raffi is born, get Ramon to take a towel or cloth with his new baby scent on it home, so that Kiki & Boston can get a sense of who is going to live with them!! It works! xoxoxo

  16. You really do live in the most beautiful part of the world and I adore your posts showing just how the new season is creeping in now. Your photos are inspiring me to get out with my camera more too, so a huge thank you.



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