Thursday, September 1, 2011


I found this photograph while rooting through old pictures from a time before I blogged; a red tractor tucked into September foliage on a local path. I just had to share it with you.

September is my favorite month for so many reasons, the main one being that there is so much goodness and celebration to look forward to. The blush and gold of leaves, crisp days and cozy nights, woodpiles and the stinging sweet scent of woodsmoke, pumpkin harvest, pies. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and creative, crafty preparations for all three. Sweaters and rain boots. Crow calls in the misty mornings and geese flying overhead in honking V's. Cinnamon and brown sugar Applesauce bubbling on the stove and hot tea when you come in from the cold.

And this year....a BABY BOY.

Who wants to make a guess which date he will arrive?

Happy September everyone. I always LOVE sharing this time of year with you all!


  1. Happy autumn to you, too!
    Although not my fav month, it is promising!Despite the heavy rain yesterday it is still summer in Greece! I'm giong for a swim in just a moment! You see, not one brown leave yet here!

  2. That photo is wonderful. Living down here in s.e. FL we don't see those wonderful fall colors.

    September is a lovely month. I look forward to it every year as it means 'most' of the hot summer weather is finally over and fall is coming. It is also the month DH and I got married, 42 years ago on the 8th.

    How exciting for you this September as you await little Raffie.

    Love and hugs to you ~ FlowerLady

  3. I also love September - I love "back to school" time - even though I haven't been in school, or had a child going off to a new grade -- for a very long time :-)

    How lovely that The Giver of Life decided that your little fellow would arrive in your favorite month. the Lord really does delight to bless us.

    I'm guessing: September 17th :-)

  4. I love the promise that September brings with all the sweet things you mentioned and your son arriving! I'm guessing the 19th, that's our wedding anniversary! :)

  5. Happy September Dawn!
    I love all the things you've mentioned :-)
    Such a wonderful month to welcome a baby ~ I will guess lucky 13th ... that's my husbands birthday & he is the sweetest person ever ♥

  6. I'm going to guess the 18th as so many of my friends have that birthday...that or the 24th...I love September too, hadn't realised we were already in it though! Yikes! xxx

  7. Ok, I am going with Susan who guessed September 17th...which is MY birthday too. That would be great.

    LOVE your header and love it that you do your own photography. Come on Rafi, head for the 17th...(can you wait that long?).



  8. Pictures like that one reminds me of why I love fall the best! I'm guessing Sep. 9 for little Raffie to make his appearance :)

  9. Oh Sharon, I would be so pleased if you and Rafael share your birth date!

  10. Your second paragraph made me giddy with excitement! Oh how I love this time of year, so much to rejoice in and so much to celebrate. What an exciting month awaits you...

  11. I agree with Kristel, I'm going with the 9th!


  12. My guess is Sept 12th, 2011!!!!
    rose lefebvre aka poetrose

  13. Oh Dawn.. as always I love reading your posts!! You do have a way with words!! smile... Well, lets about September 6th! That is my brothers birthday or September 14th that is Tom's sisters birthday! smile...However, whatever day it will be it will be a very special day for you guys as well as your loyal

    xoxo Gert

  14. September 13th - in 2008 the birth of our son Julian has been the best day EVER.

    Looking forward to see a picture of Rafael.




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