Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Brown, yellow, green...the colors of late summer.

Today I learned a new word: Phenology (not to be confused with phrenology). It resonated so deeply with me, and I felt like I had finally found the description for who I am at my core: a phenologist!

It's another absolutely beautiful day, just the right temperature. The pictures above from our morning walk show just how gorgeous and serene this little part of the world is right now, as summer turns slowly into fall. Frilly fungi, fallen leaves, cushiony moss, and glistening puddles.

I'm getting a new camera; a small simple Canon for my daily walks, because this (wonderful) Olympus is pretty heavy and bulky, and I want something light that I can throw in my shoulder bag. I will still use my Olympus for photographs of home and food, but I need something practical for when I'm out and about with two dogs and a baby. I hope it will turn out some great pictures. 


  1. Dear Dawn,

    It's always a pleasure to join you on your walks. I go every time, although don't always have a free hand to send a note.

    I have a little Canon one shot and it is so much easier/lighter to throw in a pocket when out and about.


  2. Hi Dawn,

    I just found your blog recently and am really enjoying it. Your photographs are stunning, as are your paintings! Good luck with the end of your pregnancy too!

  3. Such lucky little dogs, to be able to go on morning walks in such a beautiful place! Your new camera will come so in handy when the baby comes, and you can just throw it in the diaper bag, and take it it wherever. I got a pocket size one to throw in my purse, because I can't carry my dslr with me everywhere too. You will be impressed on how good of a picture they can take.

  4. happy walking dear friend! Thinking of you often and hoping that you are feeling well. xox

  5. What a lovely walk! The weather really is absolutely perfect right now.

    My first digital camera was a Canon and I adored it. It took such great pictures, I am sure you will love yours :-)

  6. Oh Dawn what great photos as always! You are such a great photographer! I have a Cannon Powershot which I love. (You've seen my photo's on my blog) I always use the auto setting. And since you are knowledgeable with cameras..I know yours will be amazing! (as always)

    xoxo Gert

  7. hello dawn
    what a lovely walk for you and your sweet dog!!!
    great photos,too!!!!
    i love your blog.
    have a nice day,

  8. Hello Darling Dawn! Love this post & the glorious pictures, as always. It won't be long at all now until Raffi is with you on the outside for your walks...the first thing I thought of when I thought of turning the calendar tomorrow is ' that will be Raffi's birth month'!! Gorgeous doglets too. Love you xoxo

  9. Your blog is lovely. I'm so glad I found it--It's such a treat. I hope the next month goes well for you. :)

  10. Your daily walk photographs are always a feast for the eyes and I love the beauty you capture. Your baby is going to have the most amazing environment to experience the joy of nature in.

  11. i am in love, such sunshine in this blog.



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