Tuesday, August 16, 2011


August is such a golden month. Brassy flowers everywhere. My favorites are Black-Eyed-Susans. They are so country, so simple, and so cheerful.

Yesterday was a holiday here in Austria, and my sister-in-law celebrated her birthday. I am something like the 'designated cake baker' of the family. I made a chocolate layer cake with fluffy vanilla filling and chocolate cream cheese frosting. I call it 'Marshmallow Fudge Cake.' Despite the name, it is not too sweet or heavy. Definitely a cake you can have more than one slice of.

The party was full of parents, babies, toddlers, and children. Ramon and I sat back and watched everything, wide-eyed, picturing our future. I talked with mothers about the local kindergartens, diapers, breastfeeding. It's a relief how different mothers have different tastes, rules, preferences, and advice, because I know I want to do things my way, and I like knowing that that's OK.

Last night I was plagued with a series of intense and disturbing nightmares, the kind that exhaust you the next morning and have you thinking of them all day. The walk in the forest with the dogs helped to clear my mind a little. Sometimes dreams stay with you, like a fog you can't seem to brush away.

Now I'm going to take a bath (maybe that will help forget my nightmares), and then I'm off to my first session of acupuncture, which takes place in an old castle here in the town square which has been divided into offices and apartments. It's a group session, which means I'll be there with a bunch of other pregnant women looking to speed up their impending births. I am really looking forward to sitting in a room with women who are in the same position as me. I'm sure we'll have a lot to talk about, while having needles pushed into our limbs!


  1. I have been a lurker here for quite some time now but wanted to post a little comment today to let you know what a tremendous help and support your blog has been to me throughout my own difficult fertility battle of recent years. I have returned to my own blog today, after a six month break, and announced I am 30 weeks pregnant. I wanted to let you know, as well as mentioning you in my post that I have loved reading all about your own excitement and joy in pregnancy and look forward to continue doing so as the weeks go on. Hope your session of acupuncture goes well - it is something I hadn't thought of but will be interested to hear how it is. A huge thanks
    Cassie xx

  2. The cakes looks finger-licking good! :-)
    Your dogs are so adorable (King Charles Spaniels? I am not an expert, we have a miniature long-haired dachshund, black and red). Black-Eyed Susans remind me of my home in DC. I had them grow abundantly along a wooden fence (they are the Maryland State flower). I also love their dried flower heads in winter, peeking out of the snow.

    I hope the sunshine chased away any memory of your nightmares! May your dreams tonight be sweet,

  3. A castle, awesome! Anxious to hear how the session went. The cake looks amazing!

  4. Dear Dawn,
    I happened upon your blog and I just want to tell you that I love it so much! I went all the way back to the beginning and read straight thru! Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully...I wish I could invite you and your puppies over to enjoy a glass of iced tea in our gazebo...I would even let you sit in the chaise lounge with your feet up and the ceiling fan on you:)

  5. Hello beautiful! Hope the acupuncture went well. Are you drinking raspberry leaf tea too? I know this can help tone the womb in the last few weeks...gorgeous cake, doggies, flowers & YOU!! Love & hugs xoxox R

  6. Beautiful blog indeed!
    Gorgeous photos

  7. Oh Dawn I love your photos as always...they are so beautiful! That cake looks good enough to eat...smile...and just the fact that Icould have two pieces without feeling guilty is what I like best!! ha...ha

    Hope your accupunture went well today!

    Blessings dear lady!
    xoxo Gert

  8. Love the picture of your little puppies in this post :)

  9. hello sweet friend...lovely post...loved the cake....seeing the doggys...loved seeing you in the previous post...you look radiant and happy and ready to be a mama....i am so happy for you and ramon...the 18th of september is right around the corner !!!

    sending love to you today from california

    kary and teddy

  10. The cake is beautiful and looks so very yummy!
    Hope you enjoyed your acupuncture in the old castle.

  11. Boston looks like, "Yes, I know, I'm the star of this blog." Too cute.


  12. Cassie: Congratulations!! How amazing to know that my words brought you some comfort during your most difficult times. I am so happy to hear that you are in your thirtieth week...wishing you a lovely remainder of your pregnancy, and a beautiful healthy baby to love for the rest of your life!

    Laura: Wow, you must have been reading for a very long time! I like to look back on old posts, too; blogs are such a great way to remember. Welcome, and please do come back!

    Rachel (MozartsGirl): Yes, I'm drinking Third Trimester tea, which is mainly raspberry leaf!

    And to all my other sweet friends who left a little hello....I am always so happy to hear from you!! xoxoxo



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