Saturday, August 13, 2011

Life in the Third Trimester and Autumn Love

Life is slow and easy for me right now, as I enjoy these final weeks of pregnancy. Well...OK...let's be honest...I don't enjoy every bit of it. It's astounding the clumsy and exhausting gymnastics I have to do to wash dishes (I have to literally lean with outstretched arms because my belly is in the way), put on socks, shave my legs, or cut my toenails. Actually, I've given up on cutting my own toenails. Ramon had a go at them, which gave us a good laugh, but didn't do much for my toenails, which are now shorter but also very crooked. My back aches, my feet are sore, I snore, and take about 2 minutes to get up from a sitting position. (Am I pregnant or 90 year old?)

But yes, I am enjoying parts of being 8 months pregnant. It has forced me to take everything very slowly, and to prioritize things (anything that has me bending down to pick something up off the floor is no longer a priority). I have fully succumbed to daily naps and encourage the same from the dogs, who seem to be alright with this new laziness. I make a big pot of Third Trimester Tea every morning and drink cups of it throughout the day. On walks with the dogs, I move at a snail's pace without meaning to. But I don't beat myself up about it. It's just the way it is right now.

While waiting in line for the butcher at the farmer's market yesterday, my sister-in-law told me that, after Rafael is born, I will feel so incredibly light. Just the thought of that made me sigh. Light! I can hardly imagine! Right now my footsteps sound like a huge ogre's, and my walk can really only be described as a waddle.

But again, all of these 'uncomfortable' things are teaching me a lot. Acceptance, for example, and sacrifice. If this is what I have to go through to be united with my son, I'll take it all, and gladly!

It's funny how August always has me thinking of September. While most people are hanging onto Summer and soaking up every bit of it they can, my mind is already drifting towards sweaters, fall foliage, pumpkins, and cocoa. It's not something I am proud of, because I think it's always best to live in the moment and revel in what the current season has to offer. But what can I do? I am utterly smitten with all things Autumn.

With all of this free time I have, being pregnant and all, I spend quite a bit of time on the internet, and as some of you already know, one of my favorite places on the internet is etsy. I've had some fun putting together cozy, autumn-themed treasuries these past few days. Here are some of my favorites. Click on the treasury title to go to it and be able to browse the handmade and vintage items.

I'm alone this weekend...Ramon is on a business trip until Sunday evening. I'll be making soups and chicken paprikash for the freezer, maybe some muffins and cookies too.

But all very, very slowly. :)


  1. I remember that feeling of heaviness oh so well. I don't know if you have any pools nearby, but if the weather gets warmish again there and you're so inclined, a float in a pool (even though when on your back your belly will stick up above the water line in a way you never thought possible) will give you a sneak peek into that light feeling you have in store. It's SUCH a relief. And not just the light feeling, but if you're anything like me, you'll be admiring your long-lost but suddenly impossibly slim ankles again! You're so very close to meeting your little Rafael and it's so lovely to be following your joyous journey.

  2. Oh, thanks for the advice! It's a very rainy summer here, so no pool time in sight. But, I am taking baths! And yes, my belly is like a naked island sticking up out of the water! LOL

  3. Such autumn delight, I could almost fall for it! ;-)

    I am hanging on to summer, still hoping the rainy cloudy weekend turns into a more summery one. I have apricot crumble in the oven (a healthy, oatmeal version, no butter), maybe this will please the summer gods?

    You are doing just what I would recommend for the last few weeks: relaxing, taking it easy. You will be so grateful for that quiet, strength-gathering time once the baby is here. I know, after all, I have four children. ;-)

    All the best to you,

  4. I'm with you, longing for fall and all the excitment it brings! It's just a cozy season! :)

  5. Dear Dawn,

    Oh my gosh, your post brought me back! I had Mike clip my toe nails and it was both hilarious and frightening!

    Enjoy your weekend of yummy foods...and those cozy thoughts of fall. I've been on Etsy a lot too lately - bought two fall sweaters for the babies.


  6. greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  7. A tiny price to pay for such a wonderful gift, and I'm sure you'll appreciate the lightness all the more afterwards!
    I forgot to say, but I made your chicken paprikash from the recipe you posted on your blog - it was absolutely delicious! I changed it a little from your recipe to suit what we had in the fridge and cupboard, but it was still a success with hubby. Enjoy your 'slow' weekend!

  8. So glad to hear that, Dan! Happy that it turned out tasty!

  9. Autumn is my favorite season and your etsy picks make me feel it's just around the corner. All of pretty. I especially like the ruffled bed-skirt.
    Your description of your third trimester brings back a lot of memories, lol! Good thing you don't have much longer to wait.
    My oldest Son was born in September, lovely month to have a baby. You will enjoy the fall beauty and cooler weather with Raffi before the snows come. Weekend sounds like fun with all the cooking and baking.

  10. Sounds quite idyllic Dawn! All that nesting & cosying...getting ready to meet your boy. What a Christmas you'll have this year (see I am jumping even further ahead! :-)So happy for you, enjoy these last few quiet weeks and take the chance to snooze the days away with Ramon's such a shame that you can't bank sleep! Much love & hugs xoxo

  11. Sounds like a pedicure would be wonderful for you right about now. I think they are so relaxing too, great for sore feet and a tired body. Never shopped at etsy before, but I see several things I like that you have posted, so I am going to try them out. The quality looks really impressive.

    I realized the other day how long I have read your blog... must be at least two years by now. So happy for you that motherhood is around the corner.




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