Tuesday, August 2, 2011

33 Weeks

So here we are at 33 weeks, baby is still inside, all is well. So much to be grateful for! And since I lost 2 kilos (I think I may have had a touch of stomach flu), my wedding ring fits again. I really missed wearing it and my hand felt very naked without it.

I have been feeling every move Rafael makes so strongly. This is because there is less and less amniotic fluid to cushion his kicks and rolls. Yesterday, walking the dogs, every step hurt a little, because his head was right up against my bladder. (I'm not on bed rest anymore, just to clarify.) I had no idea that the third trimester would be so uncomfortable!

Here's this week's update:

How far along? 33 weeks, 2 days. 

Total weight gain: Gained a total of 20, but lost about 4 pounds last week.

How big is baby? 4 1/2 pounds.

Sleep: It's increasingly difficult to get comfortable. Breathing is also hard. I think the uterus is pressing up against my lungs, making it hard to breath. I try to use pillows under my neck, between my knees...it turns into quite a science. I also have to get up at least once in the night to use the bathroom.

Best moment this week: Getting the news from the doctors that Rafael is alright and won't be coming now. Seeing him sucking on his thumb was so great, too.

Movement: Increasingly uncomfortable and at times painful. I also feel him get the hiccups once or twice a day. 

Food cravings: My appetite is slowly coming back after having what I now think was a stomach virus last week. I've been craving warm milk, chicken, pumpkin, fish, green coconut water, ginger ale, and chocolate. 

Belly button in or out? Flat.

What I miss: I miss being more agile. It takes me a long time to do anything physical now, even get up out of a chair. And to be extra honest, I miss our cleaning lady! In my second trimester Ramon hired a cleaning lady to come once a week and she is amazing. But she's on vacation now for two weeks and boy, did her visits spoil me. 

What I'm looking forward to: I'm really looking forward to my husband's birthday on August 8th; I found such great gifts for him this year (it's usually so hard to find something for him) and it will be so nice to celebrate together. We also have an appointment at the doctor on that day, and I am really looking forward to seeing our baby again on the ultrasound screen!

Milestone: I've begun the 8th month of pregnancy! Once I get through August I'm thinking it will all go pretty fast.


  1. Beautiful photo. of you. So pleased to read that things have settled down.
    The recipe in your last post looks yummy. Would be good to try now as we still have more cold weather to come before spring.
    Keep well and happy :)

  2. You can feel him hiccup? Oh, my gosh... I didn't know that was possible. How adorable! That must be so amazing.


  3. So glad everything is going well for you. I am in my 35th week and am too getting more uncomfortable. It is 4AM where I live and I am up again, unable to sleep. My baby too gets hiccups at least twice a day. Helps me feel reassured all is well. I can't wait to meet this little person growing inside. Thank you for sharing your journey as I have been following right along. I pray August flies by for the both of us =)

  4. So happy for you Dawn, and you look absolutely glorious. Hoping that the last few weeks fly by, with you feeling well and calm...a tall order with 5lbs of baby somersaulting inside!! Sending much love and hugs xoxo

  5. you look so peaceful, filled with joy and beautiful! I can't wait to hear that this little man is here with you and see a picture of his gorgeous face...i'm on the edge of my seat sending you comfort, quiet and peaceful prayers until you deliver (well, and while you deliver too of course!). :) xox ><>

  6. I smiled reading your post...that is nature's way of getting your body in practice for sleepless nights when precious Raffi is here...I remember building a pillow "nest", too...joyous news that the little fella is not arriving too soon...time to relax in anticipation!!
    Laura Jenkins

  7. Hi Dawn,
    So glad you and the baby are doing okay and you are not on bed rest anymore. Here's hoping your last month goes by nice and smoothly. I'm sure it will fly by.

  8. How sweet and angelic you look in that picture. Glad to hear you are feeling better and know it's hard to move, I have that problem all the time, lol! You are doing great. As soon as you hold Raffi in yours arms the discomfort you feel now will be a distant memory. Sending a hug.

  9. hi dawn...you look so beautiful and peaceful...just lovely...

    i am so HAPPY you are all doing so well...i know you must be getting so excited...not much longer now !!!!

    sending love to you, ramon and baby

    kary and teddy

  10. Dear Dawn,

    I think of you and Rafi every day. I am so happy for you and Ramon.

    Please take it very easy.

    Love from Maine,


  11. Oh, how lovely you look, Dawn!!! One day at a time and soon Raffi will be here and you can spoil him with lots of hugs and smooches!! Happy Birthday to Ramon a bit early as I will be out of town on that day. Sending tons of love to you all, Sherry xx

  12. you are just beautiful!
    i loved reading your baby update.
    i am keeping you all in my prayers.

  13. Dawn, I thought you'd get a kick out of this. So my fiance had all of these empty CD sleeves and I want to put cookies in them like you had shown pictures of. When I mentioned this my fiance, he wholeheartedly agreed that that sounds adorable and is the best use for the paper sleeves! I nearly fell over in surprise. If I do wind up making them, I'll probably send you a pic as further inspiration for your own CD sleeve cookies. :P

  14. That's so cool! Can't wait to see pics!



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