Monday, August 29, 2011

End Of August

The air was cool last night, and the morning fresh. I think we have had our last of scorching August days. Now the weather will be milder, and the leaves will slowly begin to turn. Haying time is here, and there are seedy cloudberries ripening on the vine. I threw a flannel shirt on over my tank top for the evening walk yesterday, and listened to the crickets in the brush. This is the time of year where I am most alert: on the lookout for signs of fall's arrival.

Over the weekend I had bouts of false labor and my hormones got the best of me for the first time this pregnancy. I burst into tears suddenly, and when Ramon asked why, I said I was so sad because it was Sunday and he would have to go back to work the next day. I cried again about nothing in particular a few times after that, feeling overwhelmed and impatient and lost. Woke up in the night from cramps and aches in my lower back, hoping maybe this was the beginning of labor, and then fell back asleep, exhausted, and woke up, realizing it was another false alarm. These final weeks of pregnancy are an emotional and physical roller coaster ride.


  1. Wishing you love and peace these last weeks of your pregnancy. I have enjoyed following along with you.


  2. Hi Dawn,
    Know that even 'false' labour contractions are doing their bit of work to get the process going. Do you practice relaxing around them and breathing with them? It can help for when things really get going.
    Sending good wishes.

  3. Yes they ARE a roller coaster ride. Your hormones are kicked into high gear.

    Just remember to take things easily. Lamaze? A blessing.

    Thought of you in the middle of the night when I was pacing out the storms and the waves thundered and shook my little cottage.

    Big hugs,


  4. Oh, I'm so sorry to hear this. Sounds like you need some extra TLC. We are with you, supporting you in spirit!

    The last month or so was tough for my sister too. She would ask me to come over just to rub her feet so she could relax. Be bold about asking those around you for help if you need something, they'll completely understand.

    Here's hoping something surprisingly wonderful happens when you least expect it today & it makes you feel great!


  5. My thoughts are with you in your last few weeks of pregnancy, I must admit everyone keeps telling me they are the hardest.

    I hope the changing of the seasons brings you peace and calm.

  6. i was thinking about you this morning...and i wanted you to know it....

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  7. Dear Dawn,

    Big hugs and happy, most beautiful fall and September ahead!


  8. I had the same thing happen last night. Just burst into tears (I have only done this once before in my pregnancy). At the end there is definitely a lot of emotions and anticipation. I am due next Monday and keep hoping maybe todays the day. I have really enjoyed reading your blog throughout my pregnancy. It has helped me realize I wasn't alone with my thoughts and feelings. Thank you so much for letting us into your world and following along. Good luck with the rest of your journey! Here's to hoping we get to hold our lil ones very soon =)

  9. Hi Dawn,
    my best friend is due with her first right around the same time as you (she's Sept 16th). She said she's been having all kinds of back pains/cramps and false contractions. Hang in there and keep you spirits up. It's a long but important journey. Thinking of you often! I'll be checking your blog for updates as much as I can while on holiday. If he comes early...take LOTS of pictures! :O) xoxox



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