Saturday, August 6, 2011

Round Here Lately

Boston is recovering well. He is absolutely miserable with the plastic cone on, so I take it off when I am here to keep an eye on him, and put it back on when I leave the house and before going to sleep.
We enjoyed a couple of sunny days, but this morning it's overcast again, so it looks like it will be a cozy weekend. Ramon got us 'Romancing the Stone' and 'The Jewel of the Nile' to watch; perfect cozy weekend entertainment!
I've finally finished shopping for the baby, we have everything we need now, and the hospital bag is also packed and ready. Tomorrow we hit the 34 week mark.


  1. Happy weekend to you darlings! So happy that Boston is recovering a few days he won't know anything happened! It's all so exciting from now on...waiting for Raffi! Such a blissful Autumn for you all. xoxo

  2. One can see that Boston is not happy at all about the collar! ;-)
    His food is presented on a very fancy plate.

    Those apples look so pretty. I imagine that they perfume the house with sweet summer apple fragrance.

    To a wonderful weekend,

  3. Oh, poor boy but he (and you!) will be so thankful to have it done! These boys are so loving and sweet once their hormones dont rule their lives. I have a boy cavalier as well, he just made an appearance on my blog :)

    Many congrats on your impending arrival! Its so amazing to become a mother. then you wont remember a time when you weren't. :)

  4. Enjoy your cozy weekend :)

  5. Happy weekend Dawn...sounds like you will be having a cozy fun one!!! Enjoy the movies...I know they are really good ones..

    Glad you are all ready for your hospital trip!

    xoxo Gert

  6. awww...glad to hear that lil Boston is recovering so well.
    Enjoy your weekend my dearest! xoxo

  7. I can see by the look on Boston he is not happy. But he still is a cutie!! xo



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