Friday, August 26, 2011

Tiny Treasures, August

Every little bit of the natural world is so amazing when you look at it up close, and contemplate it. The tiny acorn that holds the potential for a mighty oak, and nourishes a creature to help it survive the long winter. A snail shell, a intricate! A heart-shaped hole in a yellow leaf. Beech nut hulls that look like fairy caps.

My awe of nature never just grows and grows with each passing season and year.


  1. You'e so right, and each little bit is so sweet. I love these little signs of an approaching autumn...

  2. I love your nature photos :-) I see much the same while walking my doggy here in Zurich - the acorns, the hulls, snail shells - but somehow they always look prettier on your blog! thanks for sharing.

  3. My boys collected the first chestnuts yesterday. It is still August but fall is on its way :).

    Love your photos!

    Have a wonderful weekend!


  4. Acorns, already! I haven't noticed any yet, here. Beautiful.

  5. When my niece was little, I took her on nature walks all the time through the woods. We looked at willy worms, bugs, fall leaves ... she just loved it. And, of course, so did I. We had an agreement that anything she wanted to keep which was alive, she would only keep overnight - the one night rule - and return it to where she found it the next day. I told her that it was just visiting and needed its Mom.:)

    I'm excited for you knowing all the fun Raffi will add to your walks.


  6. Everything is so beautiful..thank you for sharing this beauty with us!

    xoxo Gert

  7. I'm so far behind on commenting, so please excuse the mass comment!

    I love this post... my husband and I have a little table where we put things we find when on our walks. We cannot wait to take our little one on similar walks to find what nature has in store for us (although I think we may need to store them on a higher shelf for a few years so enquiring minds (and fingers) don't try eating them!!

    I personally have a love-hate relationship with the summer... I love the blue skies and I adore a summer shower (a real one which makes everything fresh, not the grey drizzly ones!) but I dislike the heat a lot, especially when pregnant! Plus I miss snuggling up under a blanket or with a hot water bottle at night and feeling cosy.

    Glad your last appointment went so well and cheered you up. You're so close now!

    And the nursery is just gorgeous, and exactly the kind of thing I can imagine Christopher Robin having xx

  8. Beautiful photos! I always take small trasures from nature!



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