Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Nursery Details

A while back I shared some photos of Rafael's unfinished nursery, which you can view HERE. Yesterday the sun was shining so brightly in his room and I thought I'd take pictures of some of the little details and vignettes. Most of the things pictured are handmade and vintage items I found on etsy. Instead of sticking to an overall theme (like 'jungle,' 'superheros,' or 'cowboys') I wanted Raffi's nursery to have a sort of classic charm. I was very much inspired by my image of what Christopher Robin's room must have looked like.

 rag doll handmade by quill and ink :: small vintage boat from bedouin :: large vintage boat from nostalgieEurope

baby shoes from gap.eu

alphabet and numbers pillow from looploft

vintage school book pages from beadandbag

vintage metal airplanes from uaoomermaid :: elephant custom made by thiefjamie

vintage red truck from vintagejane :: vintage white tonka van from oldyetnew :: vintage (working!) clock from clockworkuniverse

vintage london bus from butterflymindvintage :: boy blowing bubbles collage from catwalk

antique kitchen bench with opening seat for toy storage

I love the thought that it will evolve with his age. It was a lot of fun picking out little things for this boy's room, and I look forward to adding to the collection of vintage cars and boats, and handmade dolls and pillows. 


  1. Lovely details, my favorites are the small vintage boat (I have a little wooden fisher boat with nets, I put it on the Christmas tree) and the pillow with the American Typewriter style letters and numbers.

    Do you know Gretel of "In the Middle of Nowhere", a children's illustrator and toymaker?

    Stay cool, it's going to be one hot day,

  2. Oh Merisi, it is much too hot for me today....much much much too hot.

  3. oh, it's all so perfect:). He's going to love his sweet room! The Christopher Robin inspiration is great. So perfect, all of it:). Hope you're well!


  4. oh how i LOVE seeing my products in use...THANK YOU for
    posting the picture of my alphabet pillow in rafael's nursery :)
    all my best in your upcoming delivery + welcoming your
    little one into this fine world! smiles, lisa@looploft

  5. There is so much love in that room!
    It must be so hot for you today. Take a book, put your feet in some cold water and let your husband do the cooking.
    Regards from Luxembourg,


  6. love love Love this! great job ~ it is so peaceful & perfect .... now i can't wait to see pics with him in it! :)

  7. oh dawn...when the first picture came up i just said....aaaahhhhhhh

    it is so lovely, my friend

    but i KNEW it would be :-)

    so peaceful...

    thinking about you every day
    and sending love,
    kary and teddy

  8. What a beautiful room Dwn, full of whimsy. I love love love the hanging airplanes. So light and airy.
    It's so pretty. Do you just go in there and sit and visualize holding Raffi?
    xox hugs to you

  9. I am seriously in love with this room. Its adorable!

  10. Dear Dawn,

    It sings with love and happiness!


  11. What a darling room. Perfect for a little boy. You really did a wonderful job decorating it. Every detail is so thought out and precious. Love the stack of diapers on the shelf.
    I think Raffi is going to love his room and have many happy hours there playing with his toys.

  12. It's gorgeous, Dawn! Completely charming and a perfect place for your little boy to come home to ... magic will happen there! xoxo



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