Saturday, September 3, 2011

A Sunny Day In Town and Pumpkin Invasion

This sunny morning I took my camera along with me when I went to breakfast with my mother in law. I always like seeing the places other bloggers live; it helps me get a stronger idea about their lives and surroundings. So I hope you enjoy these. There is, of course, so much more to see, and I hope to continue giving you little peeks into this beautiful quiet Austrian village that I call home.

Above you see the center of this community: the local church. The bell rings out clear and loud every fifteen minutes.

This is the lovely little cafe where we ate breakfast. We sat outside under the shade of the giant chestnut tree. In winter it's the perfect place for mothers and children, as smoking is not allowed, which is not true of every cafe and restaurant in Austria, including the other cafe in town.

Here's the local apothecary, or pharmacy. It's called 'Apotheke zum Schutzengel,' which roughly translates to 'The Guardian Angel's Pharmacy.'

On the left you see the 'friseur,' the hair salon where I get my hair cut and colored. On the right is a small stationary store where the parents and children are now stocking up on supplies for the new school year.

This blue building is where my friend Daniela has her arts and crafts shop, 'Kreatives Allerlei.' She has everything you need to get creative and I love getting lost in her ribbon selection. Her daughter is due on September 15th! We're quite a sight when we waddle around town side by side with our big bellies.

This is the tiny store where I buy all my wonderful hand painted Bunzlauer ceramics. It's owned and run by my good friend Ose. When I stop in for a visit, she pulls out a chair and we sit and chat for a while. I usually can't help myself and end up buying something. Sometimes she tries to talk me out of a purchase, because she says I already have enough.

On her desk you can see the pile of yarn that she is knitting into something pretty; when she isn't knitting, she's either playing sudoku or reading a book. I hope her store stays open for a long time.

A classic old Austrian door. Doors like these usually lead into a 'hof,' a central courtyard which is surrounded by the home. Wouldn't you just love a big red door like this?

Well, now that it's September, I am allowed to start bringing pumpkins home (this is my husband's rule so that there is some sort of control over my pumpkin madness; I'm also not allowed to play Christmas music until December). By November pumpkins have invaded every corner of the house. I was so happy when I saw these two beauties at the farmer's market this week. Their orange glow is the first little hint of autumn in our home.

See the chicken salt and pepper shakers? Yep, those are from Ose's Bunzlauer store.



  1. Oh, so lovely, everything!!! I too, love September (from your previous post). It's always been my favorite month, ever since I was a little girl:). Your pumpkins are gorgeous!! Sometimes I read your posts and think that you're in my head;). I'm so bad about anything fall and Christmas (I start my Christmas music in October, so TERRIBLE, I know). But this time of year is just SOOOOO lovely and wonderful. And this September, for you, my dear, is going to be full of the most amazing gift in the world.

    Your home and town are absolutely beautiful. Your little guy is going to be raised in such a warm & lovely environment; I wouldn't be surprised in the least if he ends up with your love of nature & seasons:). Counting down the days... can't wait to meet him on your blog!!!!

    xoxo and take care of yourself these last few.... days?? :):):)


  2. I truly enjoyed that and all the history, amazing!! I'd love a courtyard with big red doors too! And I'm glad to know I'm in good company when it comes to pumpkins, can't ever have too many! lol

  3. Blair: I have to stop myself from putting on Christmas music every time I bake, no matter what time of year! It's so bad. I'm actually glad that Ramon has these 'rules;' it makes it that more special when the appropriate season rolls around. :)

    Sue, my fellow pumpkin fanatic: So glad you enjoyed these photos! There are definitely more to come, since I will be walking around town more these last days of pregnancy.

  4. Dawn, I SO enjoy following your blog, and am anxious to hear of the arrival of your little one!
    These pictures are a wonderful "visit" to your little Austrian town.
    We had "stray" pumpkins come up in our garden this year, via the compost we used, and have already made pumpkin pancakes for breakfast.
    Take care!

  5. This is one of my favorite posts of yours! Your little town is enchanting! Share more when you can...

  6. Lovely, lovely town. Each photo is like a postcard. Love pumpkins too! Haven't seen any yet but keeping an eye out for the first ones. Already have my white one lit every night, love the pretty lacey pattern it casts on the wall. The little shop of pretty blue Bunzlauer is fantastic. I can see why it's tempting to buy a little something when you are visiting the shop. Looking forward to seeing a little more of the town you call home.

  7. Oh Dawn...not only do I love all these photos but your write ups along with them...just make them so real! You are so gifted, not only with photography but in your What a lovely town you live in!

    xoxo Gert

  8. I wanted to send you an email, but could not find yours.
    Mine is on my profile page, would you mail me, please?

  9. So nice to get a little glimpse of your town!!! :) xxx PS Love the pumpkins naturally!

  10. Oh gosh you just can't imagin how i'd love to live there! I'd have to learn the language but that'd be fun, right? I pray some day i'll find out how to make myself a living in the country (earning my daily money as a graphic designer in the country just seems a bit unreal) and i'll move there right away!



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