Wednesday, October 6, 2010

he flies with angels

This morning I was having my breakfast of toast and coffee, taking a small break from packing, perusing my favorite etsy shops. I stopped by Lovely Sweet William , and when I saw this picture, I burst into tears. I am still crying now as I write this. To me, this is a picture of our son, our little angel baby Blueberry. Flying with the angels. Smiling at me. Telling me he is happy where he is, and that everything is alright. 

I immediately bought this print. It will be placed next to the ultrasound picture we keep lovingly framed by our bed. 

I miss our baby so much.

But at least I know he is up there, flying with the angels, smiling down on us.

xoxo country girl


  1. oh sweetie...sending you a big hug! I'm glad this gave you some comfort...and also on your last are so lucky in so many ways...I hope you and Ramon have many happy years together growing old - with a big family! xxx

  2. Thanks so much, Curious Cat....I hope so, too!!

  3. ~you have me crying now come across a piece that soothes your soul and moves your spirit is the most wonderful gift you can give to the artist and receive for yourself...i am happy you have found this piece of art...the tranquilty of the painting is one ever so sweet and beautiful...i share your feelings and understand quite was apart of you and your world...gone but never forgotten is your little one...much l♥ve and light always filling your heart~

  4. oh, Dawn. i'm so very, very sorry:(. i remember reading your initial post about little baby Blueberry and crying for your pain. you are already an amazing mother, since the day you found out about Blueberry. this is a beautiful painting and i hope it brings hope and reminds you of your sweet little one every time you see it. i'm thinking of you and i think of Blueberry a lot too. i can't even imagine the pain you feel, but my thoughts are with you and they're with little Blueberry, who I am sure is smiling down at you and with you in everything that you do.



  5. Oh my dear Dawn, I sit here with tears in my eyes also. God bless you and know He has His arms areound you and is keeping your baby boy with Him in his loving arms.

    Bless you today.....
    ((hugs)) Gert

  6. sweet dawn....
    so often i think of you and your sweet baby....i think of how much you loved your wee one and how from the moment you knew you were carrying another life you became a mother....wish i could hug you and cry with you....
    your picture couldn't be more perfect...that sweet smiling face, the soft soothing colours....and all that it says in those four little words...
    love to you....

  7. my friend,
    this is so sweet. i am so glad this photo will be in your home.
    i know, i have walked this path... missing and loving...
    i bet your son is looking down, smiling on you too.

  8. You will be blessed with children, keep the faith! Hugs!

  9. Dear Dawn,
    Wish I could give you a hug and offer some comfort.I sat here reading your words through tears as did many of your friends. I wish with all my heart that someday soon your home will be filled with the laughter of children. Think it's a lovely idea to buy the picture and put it next to your little blueberry ultrasound. I believe he is with angels and in the loving arms of God.

  10. such a beautiful print. I hope that it brings peace to your heart.
    my oldest daughter is 19 and I miscarried 4 heartbreaking times before I had 12 year old daughter. My doctor said that to stop trying, that my uterus was to weak to carry a baby.. a few years later I was pregnant again ( after not tryng) I was so afraid of losing another baby that I didn't even tell my husband until I was almost 4 months along.
    anyway.. don't lose faith.
    Have a happy weekend.

  11. as soon as I saw that made me stop for a minute...and it made me think of you. What a perfect, beautiful and happy reminder of your perfect angel. I imagine that he is just as happy as the little one in the image and yes he is smiling down on you and Ramon.

  12. I have been enjoying your blog. I had a friend who did not have her first child until she was 50..she had been told she would never have one.
    Unfortunately I never had my own child, I still ache, but we adopted a son (that story is an amazing one) and I love and adore him. I had always dreamed of having a little girl, even had the name picked out--Amanda Noell--but it never came to be.
    I will pray for you.
    My blog:

  13. Let there be peace in your heart...blessings x

  14. Well, it looks like we may be on similar paths. So glad I stumbled upon your blog today as I can relate to the lifestyle you love and the loss you have experienced. I have three angels, and though they were only with me a short while, each one changed my life and how I lived it. But I remain hopeful and keep trying to live my best life out here in the wide open spaces.
    All the best to you and your husband.

  15. What a beautiful print. Many, many hugs ♥

  16. Keep the faith Dawn, I know it can be hard sometimes, keep the faith an dbeautifuil things will happen!

  17. Good morning Dawn,
    Your post brought back so many memories that I thought that I had gotten over from my miscarriage 14 years ago. It was incredibly painful and can still bring me to tears.
    We are blessed to know that our babies are in heaven and that we will see them again someday. We now have a 12 year old beautiful son.
    I send prayers of blessings and comfort to you.
    Peace and love,

  18. I'm sending sprinkles and glitter to shake atop your heart. Thank you for sharing.
    ~audrey@ greentagvintage



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