Tuesday, October 5, 2010

The Truth About Romance

Taken on our wedding day, October 12, 2007

Our 3rd wedding anniversary is coming up next week, and our 12th anniversary as a couple is coming up in February. I never could have guessed that I would be blessed with true love in this lifetime; this relationship has transformed me and is a huge part of who I am. I recently read an interview with the artist Rob Ryan in Cath Kidston magazine, and his words struck a cord with me:

"People have this idea about romance. To me, romance is seeing an 80-year-old couple...staying together...having a family. I've been with my wife since I was 18, and for me, romance is about the long haul." -Rob Ryan

This is how I feel about love, about romance. 

There is an older couple who takes afternoon walks here on the path that winds around the field, in good weather and bad, and they always hold hands. Seeing them makes me so happy, and I quietly bless them, and feel happy that there are unions like this in the world.

One of the most beautiful things about being with my husband is the feeling that, through our relationship, I am growing into the person I am meant to be. The longer I am with him, the more I feel comfortable in my skin, and the more I feel I am going in the right direction. 

I never completely understood until now what people meant when they said, "He makes me want to be a better person." 

That to me is true romance.

xoxo country girl


  1. Hey you:),

    It's so good to hear from you! Thanks for your sweet note:). I haven't been spending as much time on here as I would like- it's one of my have-to-do's for this fall (especially because all of my favorite blog friends are posting such lovely autumn posts and I don't want to miss out on all of it:)), but I always stop in to see how you're doing, even if I sometimes don't comment.
    Boston is getting so big and I'm so delighted to see that he and Kiki seemed to have an instant sibling bond:). They are absolutely adorable and I love your photos of the two of them together.
    Happy wedding anniversary, dear Dawn! I know exactly what you mean about your hubby making you want to 'be a better person'. I think about this all the time, how lucky I am to have found this life companion, who makes me so very content, even when I'm feeling my worst, my ugliest, my saddest... he loves me no matter how grumbly I can be, he loves me when I dwell on small things and he loves me when I feel like I don’t even love myself. I hope to someday be like that 80 year old couple that you see, holding hands on their daily walks. I’m sure that you and Ramon will be the same way, and that is something that we are both extremely blessed for. I hope you had a very sweet anniversary with your husband and two little pups.



  2. Sorry, meant to say 'hope you HAVE' a sweet wedding anniversary:)

  3. What a lovely post. Happy Anniversary and many more to come.

  4. Happy Anniversary! i have been with my hubby since i was 17, and i will be 47 next month....the fact that he says i love you at the end of every conversation or just in passing, the fact that he still wishes to hold my hand in public as well as in private, and the fact that we laugh together till tears roll down our faces makes me know we belong together...i wish you and YOUR hubby a happy anniversary and many many many more <3

  5. Beautiful photo!
    Happy Anniversary ~ my husband & I will celebrate our 27th at the end of October ♥

  6. Love the photo...great eye!!! Happy Anniversary, I believe you two are soul mates and that is very romantic!!

    xoxo Gert

  7. dawn;
    'growing into the person i am meant to be'....this is beautiful. what a wonderful post about your love & life with ramon. i wish you both a wonderful anniversary...time to reminisce about those little moments between the two of you that make your hearts smile, time to laugh and snuggle and time to reflect on all that you have brought to one another's lives. enjoy.
    love to you

  8. Hi Dawn
    A lovely post of your love for each other! I adored your post on 'imperfection' too - I thought it was fantastic that you made cookies together.
    Have a great anniversary!

  9. Happy anniversary!! And you are absolutely right about romance. xo

  10. i love this, and i couldn't agree more :)

    happy anniversary you two! <3

  11. Hi Dawn,
    Happy Anniversary! I love what you said and couldn't agree more. I remember meeting an older couple a few days before our wedding and they told us that the beauty of love and marriage is that it "continues to grow deeper and deeper." At the time, I didn't think it was possible to love Mike anymore than I already did, but they were so right. Sharing a life together, with all its blessings and hardships, deepens your love for one another day after day and year after year.

  12. What a gorgeous photograph! I'm so happy you've found someone to share your life with :) I hope oneday I'll find someone too! ♥

  13. me too. I am in it for the long haul. Happy anniversary!

  14. i so totally agree with you.

    happy anniversary

  15. What a lovely Blog!

    Happy anniversary!

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