Sunday, October 3, 2010

Off To Find Fall Treasures

 The woods are thick with the earthy scent of mushrooms these days. We set out with the dogs to see what we could find. Not to harvest and eat, because we don't know enough about them to cook what we find; but just spotting them is fun. Here are some photos of our mushroom adventures!

Hope you have all had the chance to enjoy some fall beauty outdoors this weekend.

Thank you for always leaving such supporting, honest notes for me. I appreciate you all so much!

Happy Sunday,

xoxo country girl


  1. Oh Dawn...I love all these pictures! Aren't mushrooms amazing?? In unique shapes and colors and sizes!! My dad always put the fear of god into us kids when it came to mushrooms/toadstools.. we never knew which was which (eatible or not) and the way he talked one was poisoneous--so fear?? Oh yes... ha

    Glad you all enjoyed your day and your walk...thanks for sharing it with us!

    xoxo Gert

  2. wow! what great finds! the pictures are just wonderful

  3. Is the picture of Boston peeking into the frame the cutest thing I have EVER seen? Yes... probably so. Thanks for sharing fall with us.



  4. My father was from Austria and when we were children he took us back home for a holiday. I remember going mushrooming with him and he always knew the name of every mushrtoom and which were safe to eat or not. Then he would make mushroom soup. It would be so good if you could find an older friend to teach you the safe mushrooms to eat. There is such a large variety over your way and only a few are poisonous. I think it has something to do with scratching the top of them and turning a certain colour that told you which were poisonous, but I don't remember. I must ask my Dad and show him your photos.

  5. Beautiful Fall images ♥ What a lovely spot to walk with the dogs (who are adorable).

  6. Yay!!
    This is how your dad and I got acquainted, mushroom 'hunting' in exactly the woods you are going now.
    Life is certainly stranger than fiction, to think that you were born in California, and would marry the son of our closest friends back then....huh.
    That really is a perfect moment of Boston looking into the viewfinder and Kiki checking the ground for what could possibly be so interesting:)
    Much Love

  7. your country woods are amazing...surprises around every turn. so fun to spot....and spot you boston did! what a sweet and funny little face peeking into your lens! love it!
    hope you enjoyed your weekend, your walks, your ramon and your pups!

  8. Hmm....left you a message but not sure if it processed...hope so...just commenting on the mushrooms and lovely pics - as usual! xxx

  9. What beautiful photos! I love mushrooms...there's something magical about them, don't you think?

  10. adorable!! love that boston is checking the camera out instead of looking for the mushrooms.



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