Monday, October 18, 2010

A New Home

This is the pathway leading up to our new apartment. It feels so secluded and quiet, even though it's very central. Right now there are autumn leaves strewn about, and the river runs black and cold on the left side below.

This is a sneak-peek of our new kitchen. I say 'sneak-peek' because it isn't quite finished yet. When the builders unpacked the lovely, deep ceramic sink which belongs in that gaping hole, it had a large scratch accross the front. So we have to exchange it for a new one. The range hood also needs to be covered, and the siding is missing from the upper cabinets.

We are also waiting on the delivery of this Liebherr refridgerator:

My jaw dropped when I saw this picture...and then again when I saw the price. We are giving it to ourselves as an early Christmas present.

We're also getting a linen-covered couch from Maisons Du Monde:

And oversized industrial hanging lamps for the kitchen and living room from East Hampton Living:

I've also bought some lovely items from etsy artists like this twin set of prints by The Black Apple:
I can hardly wait to find nice frames for them and the perfect spot in our home to display them in all their mysterious beauty!

We plan on staying in our new apartment for a long time, so we've decided to only buy things we REALLY LOVE and are sure to keep loving. 

This is the view out of the kitchen window. It makes me daydream about a time when our little children will play on that swingset, and then when the first star appears in the lilac twilight sky, I'll call out to them, "Supper is ready!" And they'll come inside, huffing and puffing from the autumn cold, and there will be a warm meal and tail-wagging and a big hug from their Dad.

Leaving the new apartment today I had to take another picture of the walkway. I am really looking forward to this being the way to-and-from our home.

It's a rainy Monday. Leaves have begun to fall and plaster the wet streets. My little ten-year-old brother is visiting, so between packing and errands I'm supplying him with pizza, hot chocolate and video games galore. He calls my husband's media room 'heaven.' I like spoiling him when he visits. It's so much fun!

Wishing you all a cozy start to the week,

xoxo country girl


  1. it does sound like heaven!! that fridge is so heavenly! :)

    happy unpacking!

  2. ~**~It looks like it is going to be a dreamy place to nest for a long while!~* Cant wait to see how you fluff it all up! Hugs, Rachel ;)~*~*

  3. YAY!!!!
    So wonderful...congratulations!
    Love the new sofa...gorgeous, can't wait to sample when we come visit for thanksgiving:).

  4. I love it Dawn! It's so you:). The kitchen is beautiful and I love the timeless elegance of the couch!!
    Your children will adore the playset and being outside- it's overall fabulous:). Enjoy the move- I can't wait to see photos of the finished home:).



  5. Looks pretty wonderful already! Can't wait to see it finished! And I bet you get to have a lot of fun with your brother! I bet he loves you guys!!! xxx

  6. Everything looks beautiful! You do deserve to spoil yourselves. xo

  7. Just love it already, Dawn!! Your couch is just stunning!! Enjoy every minute, decorating, making it a home!! Hugs, MerrieSherrie

  8. Oh how beautiful!! Glad you got moved (almost) in. I'm sure you will have it decorated beautifully and it will be home forever...

    xoxo Gert

  9. I can't wait to see your talents turn this apt into your home!

  10. Love all the light and your kitchen is going to be wonderful. Dark stained counters look so pretty against the white cabinets. Tufted couch is beautiful and the frig, well, it's fantastic!
    Think you will be very happy in your new place.

  11. beautiful! i am so happy for you guys! can't wait to see the finished pics but so happy you are able to enjoy the things you really love in your new home. what a blessing! :) ><>jaclyn

  12. So lovely and full of possibilities! Cheers for your new home!

  13. The visions you have for your apartment will turn it into a beautiful, unique place. I am curious: why is there so much high metal fencing? Are there a lot of deer around?

  14. This post makes me so happy!!! I have been back twice to look at the photos. I can totally see your future children playing on that swing-set, and I just LOOOOOVVVVEEE that kitchen!

    Wishing you lots of energy to move, so that you have plenty left over to dance around that amazing space in happiness!

    Lots of love,


  15. It's gorgeous, Dawn! When do you move in? You must be so excited!

  16. how exciting!!! good luck with the move and i can't wait to see more pics of the finished place :)xoxo

  17. Good luck with the move, I hope that you settle in quickly. It's quite stressful moving, but so well worth it. x

  18. congratulations on your new home.
    much happiness.



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