Friday, October 8, 2010

Meanwhile, Back At The Ranch

Jessie, thank you so much for finding me. Because it helped me find you! Your photographs of life on your family ranch in North Dakota are breathtaking, and your open, honest words are refreshing. I could lose hours following you bareback down grassy trails under that huge North Dakota sky.
It amazes me how blogs are capable of connecting two girls who are so far apart geographically, but so close in terms of heart and soul.

So happy we connected, kindred spirit!

Visit Jessie HERE.

xoxo country girl

all photos copyright of Jessie Veeder Scofield


  1. Blessings from blogging abound! So true how hearts connect and friendships are formed!

  2. I love that last photo! so beautiful!!!

  3. Yes, I think we are kindred spirits here. Thanks so much for visiting and helping to share my little piece of heaven with the blogging world. And thank you for sharing your passion and love and heartache as well, because it makes it a little more fabulous to know you have someone living life on your side.

  4. Thanks for the link to another great blogger and kindred spirit. Wonderful how connected we all are in spite of geographical distance.

  5. Wonderful photos!

    xoxo Gert

  6. It is wonderful how the internet connects us! xxx



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