Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome, Sweet September!

This is my favorite month of the year! All of my most beloved things lie ahead: fall foliage, harvest, crisp blue skies, cozy evenings, the village curled in mist and woodsmoke, pumpkin bounty, pies and cocoa, wet streets plastered with fallen leaves, weather that beckons you to read and pour over cookbooks, but at the same time calls you out in your sweater and boots to splash in puddles and trudge through the forest, smelling of pine needles and mushrooms. 
YES, I LOVE September!

Look at this sweet children's drawing. I found it here, along with other drawings for each month of the year. I love it when teachers encourage children to appreciate the four seasons. I grew up in California where there were basically two seasons: the hot and dry one and the wet and windy one. We did, however, make pinecone turkeys at Thanksgiving and even put on a play of 'Stone Soup,' which you can read about here. I wonder if that play is still put on. I can hardly wait to have children and see them in costumes up on stage, reciting their lines; there are the children who take their part very seriously, and then there are the children who are itching their behind and picking their nose. Either way, it's very entertaining!

I also wanted to tell you all about Emersonmade's new fall line of linen brooches. Aren't they lovely? See them, and many others, here.

Wishing you all a beautiful, bountiful September! I will be loading this blog with fall foliage and tasty treats, so stick around. XO Country Girl


  1. Lovely post! I don't know what I like best: your picture with the pie, the drawing, the picture from emersonmade...
    Yes, it's great when children appreciate every season. We've been reading a book with my son about seasons and he seems very interested.
    Happy September!

  2. Happy September for all of you , too !
    Well , I love September because here ( Brazil ) it's going to be Spring time !!!!
    Winter was so cold and it rained a lot !
    So , happy September no matter if it's Spring or Fall ,even if we are in different countries because we live in the same planet , EARTH , our beloved home , our mother for this amazing journey ... LIFE !
    Happy September , humankind and all single creature around the world !

  3. We are likeminded souls - I love the autumn and September! Bring it on! It is one of the most beautiful months of the year! xxx

  4. Yay for September! By the way what is in your pie? I made a a chicken, bacon and mushroom pie last night and it was delish :)

  5. Hi Dawn...Happy September ! Wow, it's been tough going here...like about 120 degrees hot tough going...I can never remember anything like this....way too hot. I spend most of the day running cool water over Buddy and keeping his tea towels damp...but, we're plugging along. Love this post. I'm "trying" to get the fall feeling....

    Best, Kary and Buddy In STEAMING HOT California



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