Saturday, September 19, 2009

'treasure hunt' through the village

It began as a simple stroll with my mother and Kiki through our little village Gablitz; no great expectations, maybe a nice sunset shot.
But it turned out to be an impromptu treasure hunt. Here are images of the precious things we found:

...lovely buttery leaves...

...plump, glossy rosehips...

...mist and tranquility on the hillside...

...a community of tiny mushrooms...

...a perfect dining table for a fairy teaparty...

...and here, the little stools for them to sit on... elegant, willowy mushroom, which I can imagine lights up in the night as a sort of street lamp for the fairies and elves...

...a street lamp and pathway for the humans, already strewn with fallen leaves...

...a stout apple tree, heavily laden with rosy fruit...

...the church, majestic in the glow of the setting sun...

...and here it is, the perfect moment...light piercing through the trees...everything peaceful and still...birds returning to their nests, and folks settling down around their dinner tables...another September day spent...and now we are one step closer to Fall.

xo country girl


  1. It's Saturday morning, hubby went to work, little one is playing in his room and I'm having my morning coffee with my friends (blogland ones, that is). Lots of housework to be done, some already done. Out my window I see blocks of flats. And then you post your beautiful afternoon stroll...and my day brightens up... and the blocks of flats disappear... Thank you!

  2. Yiota, your comments are always such a pleasure to read. Thank you for your loyalty, it's so appreciated!
    Have a beautiful Saturday...

  3. I love those mushrooms! Each one is so pretty in its way!

  4. I love stopping by ! There are always so beautiful pictures and words that have the power of feeding our souls ...
    Thanks for existing ! God bless your talent :)

  5. Good morning, I was looking at Kim's - Happy Home blog, and spotted your Cavalier on her side bar, and had to stop over at your blog.
    Your pictures are so beautiful.....Austria is so beautiful!

    We have a Cavalier also..... she owns us. She's the sweetest and smartest dog ....and is by our side wherever we go.

    I enjoyed your beautiful pictures!

  6. I love following you on your walks. And I love the magical moments that you find and then share.

  7. I agree with Johanna-- I enjoy your walks!

    Your mother seems like a treasure, herself. I explored her blog the other day :)
    Tell her my thoughts and prayers are with her on her journey. She seems like an amazing person. I hope it gets less hard, more easy, and gradual becomes a natural way of Being.

    We don't have mushrooms like those in NC! Amazing. Great photography, as usual.

  8. Wow, thank you sweet!
    Yah, CG is a gem!!!
    Dawn, her name, she dispels darkness and heralds the sun light.

    This is such a gift to follow each other and know we are together.

  9. I've been following your blog for a couple of months now. I'm an expat living in Austria, and I love the way you view this beautiful country. It helps me feel less homesick, and more appreciative of what truly is a remarkable place to live.



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