Tuesday, September 8, 2009

first fall-themed painting of the year!

Please forgive how dark the picture is, maybe if you click on it to see it in actual size you will be able to appreciate it more. I really need to buy a scanner!
But anyways, this is my first fall-themed watercolor of the year and I absolutely LOVED making it. I used watercolors and alphabet stamps; the little birdie stamp in right-hand corner is my signature. I like painting pictures in gift-card format because it's a small space where I feel comfortable. Big sheets of empty paper make me nervous!
Don't know how pleased I am with my attempt of a hubbard squash, but it's a start. 
Hope you're having a great day. xo country girl


  1. I love the little pumpkins and the leaves - really sweet and pretty little painting xxx

  2. I love the sun and the saying-- are those your words? They're beautiful! I might have to quote them (and link back to you, of course!)

    You're very talented. Please share more of your work!

  3. Ok girl; here's an idea: you start an online shop so the rest of the world can enjoy your fantastic work. I want this framed in my home!!!

  4. I loved the idea of having a bird as your signature ! Birds always spread the good seeds all around ! God bless your talent :)

  5. Dawn, this is just adorable.
    I just LOVE it.

    You have inspired me. I am no good, but I love to play around with watercolors. Put them away about 3 years ago when my mom got sick, I think it is time to take them back out.

    Thanks for the smile.

    Kary and Buddy



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