Thursday, September 17, 2009

Rainy Day Essentials

I love waking up to a rainy day when I know I can spend a few hours enjoying it indoors and out. Here a few of my favorite things about rainy days:

waking up to everything hugged in mist and raindrops, and seeing just a few lights glowing through windows of other early risers...

sipping spicy, milky chai from an oversized mug...

working on 'kikis first year' or other watercolor projects...

browsing through recipes of ooey-gooey-naughtiness and eating vicariously through the pictures....and sometimes baking them myself if there are enough people around to share the calories with...

watching my sweet spaniel dream the day away, her silky tail curled and her little chest rising and falling peacefully with each breath.

enjoy the rainy days in your life!
xo country girl


  1. The picture with the village in the mist is wonderful. I like rainy days too when I can stay at home.
    Enjoy your day!

  2. Sweet dreams , Kiki ;)
    I guess you're dreaming of running on the hills just feeling the wind on your face while you try to catch a butterfly as it flies away ...



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