Thursday, September 10, 2009

little rosy plums and giveaways!

I saw a photograph of these lovely plums in Country Living UK and just HAD to paint them. They are now situated at the top of a bookmark and hopefully will bring joy to their future owner. 
It got me thinking...I should have bookmark giveaways on here. I love making them, and love the thought of them out there in the world, in nice people's books. So what do you say? Details to come!
Enjoy your day, and thank you so much for stopping by.
xo Country Girl


  1. Yay! Great idea! I love hand-made bookmarks (I may post a couple of pictures of my collection) and as my pen-friend says 'one can never have enough bookmarks'. Waiting for the details ...

  2. I like that idea very much - the painting is beautiful! I love it xxx

  3. wow!!!!!!such great watercolor talent...wonderful.

  4. Very pretty, and brilliantly painted :) As someone who loves to read and has lots of lovely books, I think they are a lovely idea xo

  5. Love the bookmark, just adorable. And YES ! ME TOO ! Count me in....

    Kary and Buddy



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