Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Today's Favorite Things


  1. HMMMM!!!! Love it - and love the new banner today too! You and I are so alike in this way! Give me pumpkins and bring on halloween - you're going to love me around then because I'm going to New England and I am going to take a ton of pretty little houses photos!!! xxx

  2. I FEEL THE SEASON!!!! I LOVE the new banner!

    Oh, and I tried your squash fries the other night. YOu're right! Husbands DO love them! They were fantastic and SO easy.

  3. Oh, Dawn.I LOVE the new banner...love the photos. I got the new C.L. Halloween magazine too. Have not even opened it yet. So excited about fall....

    I took a ride to a pumpkin patch and posted some pictures.....with you in mind.......

    More later,
    Kary and Buddy

  4. Love your continual creativity with the wonderful simple things in life...that was a good soup...Love you,

  5. is that a baby hedgehog on the left?! Cuteness in a ball!!!!

  6. Hi Dawn! Your pictures are beautiful. Your banner is great (I used the picture too last week when the first autumn rain fell) and all the new pictures at the sidebar. My fave one is the one with the pumpkin and the girl.
    Take Care!



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