Wednesday, June 16, 2010

blueberry hunting & june's tiny nature table!

There are parts of the woods here that are carpeted with wild blueberry shrubs. I wasn't expecting to find many ripe berries this early in june, but apparantly this mixture of heat, humidity, and rain agrees with them. This weekend we'll take some containers with us into the forest and see if how many handfulls we can find. The challenge will be getting them home in the containers instead of our stomachs.

The woods are so beautiful right now; absolutely lush and rampant with blossoms and green. I hope you never tire of seeing photographs of this countryside, because I never tire of taking them.

It's been a while since I gathered up nature's goodies for a tiny nature table (those of you who are new can read about them and see past tiny nature tables here ). I guess it's because I am usually busy peering through my camera. But the other morning, after a wild summer storm wreaked havoc through the night, I found tiny unripe windfall cherries, and they were so cute that I stuffed them in my pocket. And that's when I decided I would keep looking and put together a nice tiny nature table for you.

1. oak 2. wild strawberry 3. brown knapweed 4. scentless mayweed 5. dropwort
6. windfall wild plums 7. wild thyme 8. rye 9. windfall wild apples
10. elderberry blossom 11. windfall wild cherries 12. wild rose 13. wild sweet pea

So many pretty things; all of them reasons to live in gratitude. After I took that picture, I put most of the tiny treasures into a vase for a little summer bouquet.

It's a rainy day; I wore my orange raincoat  on my outing to the post office, bank, and butcher. I'm happy about the weather. I feel cozy and creative, ready to completely immerse myself in painting. 

I hope you'll share a tiny nature table with us soon!

Enjoy this day,

xoxo country girl


  1. oh I'm so happy to hear that you are finding inspiration in the beautiful outdoors and that you are enjoying painting once again. This post is inspiring to me.

  2. Love the pictures and my goodness what a bounty from nature. I especially love the wild sweetpea.The bouquet is lovely too!

  3. what beautiful pictures-very inspiring. Pat California

  4. Your nature table treasures make one gorgeous posy!

  5. As you've been discovering wild blueberries, I've been discovering wild raspberries on my walks! I never tire of your photos. They are like taking not one nature walk a day (my own), but two! xo Gigi

  6. I can look at as many pictures as you can take!lol. I wish my part of Texas looked like that. I also love it when it rains. It is so relaxing to me. I will open all the windows and just listen.

  7. *Sigh. Keep posting your pics - they are gorgeous! And thanks for sharing your daily them! :) ><>

  8. So sweeeeet!
    My God Dawn, you are the most inspiring person I know.
    So grateful to call you my daughter.
    Love you!!!

  9. What a wonderful are such an inspiration. Your pictures are amazing and I will never tire of them!!! Keep them coming....

    xoxo Gert

  10. beautiful shots - and yes, i adore wild blueberries

  11. Love your nature table and that little bouquet is so sweet, there's nothing like spending a lovely day out in nature



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