Saturday, June 5, 2010

June Day on Anna Farm

My friend Gerit took me to a nearby village, Laab im Walde, where there is an organic farm called Anna Hof. We got there just in time to stock up on grass fed beef, raw milk cheese, organic bacon, and a couple of apples for the walk. The sun was blazing on the rain-soaked land; swallows were flying and dipping through the air. We had a glorious walk.
 apple orchard and cloister

happy cows grazing on anna hof

kiki setting out on the sunny path

old farm machinery

i discovered a flower which we haven't been able to identify yet

bird song and heat

we ate our tart, crisp apples sitting in the shade of an oak tree and looked out over the land

xoxo and sweet june sunshine, country girl

p.s. 'evening' wasn't as wonderful as i had hoped


  1. I still can't get over what a gorgeous place you live in... it's no wonder you're going for walks everyday! ♥

  2. You post the most beautiful it and always enjoy 'our' walks through the land!! So glad the sun is shining!!


  3. Your walk looks amazing - what beautiful scenery you have, and such a sense of space!

  4. I love your journeys! Thank you for allowing me to be a part of them. :) Your pictures are always so beautiful...making your home-land seem like a fairy tale place to live. *Sigh* :) How do you get your pics rounded on the corners though? I dislike my boring squares and am trying to zest up my page... i'm a rookie, what can I say?
    Your hubby comes home tomorrow though, righ?! Enjoy!!! And hope the rest of your day is peaceful and beautiful!!! ><>

  5. What a great way to spend a day!

  6. Your photos are just beautiful. I'm looking forward to reading more and enjoying the stunning scenery...

  7. this is so beautiful, my friend.

  8. As usual beautiful photos - but your ps worries me...hope you are okay?! xxx

  9. Is that larkspur? such lovely photos, in the most beautiful place. i hope your evening was better tonite?
    xo lori



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