Friday, June 4, 2010

dreaming of autumn days

These are the boots and the rain coat I chose from Lands' End. Love them! Don't get upset with me, all you summer lovers; but these things have me dreaming of my favorite season, autumn. I'm already dreaming of slipping into those shiny boots, pulling on that cute rain coat, and heading into the colourful woods to wade through damp fallen leaves, smell woodsmoke and mushrooms, and listen to the crows complain.

The funny thing is that, looking back at last year's blog posts, I saw that I was craving autumn last June, too: A Piece of Autumn in June .

The rain has taken a pause and the sun is shining on glistening trees. The great outdoors are calling. I'm gonna grab my camera and wind around puddles with Kiki for a while before the sun sets. Then my friend Maria is coming over with a bag of m&ms. We're going to watch 'Evening ,' which takes place in New England...I'll let you all know if it's any good.

Yep...both of our men are out of town and we're in the mood for a sappy film and chocolate!

Wish you were here to snuggle in with us....

xoxo country girl


  1. Oh I know how you feel. There is nothing better than autumn. And cold weather clothes beat summer ones, hands down!

    Evening is enjoyable, particularly Meryl Streep. Amazing.

  2. I love summer, but nothing makes me happier than when the first autumn catalogs arrive and I pick out a new cozy sweater or fleece and some wool pants!

    Loved this post!

  3. I love autumn when it's autumn... Love all the seasons here in New England.

    And I love the apron in your header!

  4. Oh no Dawn! Summer has only just started here in the UK, and we're loving it, and not even thinking about Autumn here! I could never wish summer away! (I do love Autumn too, but it has its time, and I'm not nearly ready for it yet!).
    Enjoy your film and the m&ms. Let us know what the film is like - I haven't come across it, but I do really like Claire Danes and Glenn Close.

  5. Hi Dawn, love the coat especially! But, much as I love Autumn (& it IS my favourite season, easily) I am also so enjoying these beautiful days of Early Summer too much to think about it just yet!! Interested to know what you think of Evening - I saw it in Oz with Esther a couple of years ago. Loved all the actors, but found the film strangely unmemorable & a bit forced. Enjoy the time with your friend & the M&M's though - yummy!! xox Rachel

  6. i wondered if that was a good film or not. enjoy!

  7. That is SO funny; I have been searching for raincoats on Lands' End as well! Except, to my misfortune, the one I had my eye on has since been sold out :(

    You will LOVE Evening... that is one of my most favorite movies. It's incredibly sad, but beautiful ♥

  8. I love that you look forward to autumn...I think all seasons are amazing, but I also think we all have our secret 'favorite' season ;) Mine: is I have to say [I can hear the 'boo's now]....that in the middle of the hottest days of Summer...I begin to count down to Autumn...and most of all...Winter!!! :) Yep, I'm a true Nordic-Scandinavian, and very proud of it!

    Love, love LOVE your new header and the new finds from Lands End. Good choice!

    Have a fun girls' night & enjoy your choco-late!

  9. Yes, I love autumn too. BUT I know what comes after I must check out the movie Evening!!Enjoy your movie and chocolate!!

    xoxo Gert

  10. Sounds like fun! lovely choices from Lands End!
    I love your June photo,
    ♥ lori

  11. Sounds like a lovely evening ahead! I want to join you! xxx

  12. i too am already craving autumn...summer heat is just too much for me! love those boots and coat :)



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