Tuesday, June 22, 2010

let virtue blossom

"Let every virtue in you blossom. Let every hidden good quality in you shine forth."
-Gurumayi Chidvilasananda

When I read these words the other day, I was immediately uplifted, and felt an intense longing to be my best self. I wanted to find any hidden good qualities within myself and be sure to live them every day. 

Those words have stayed with me and I look at them and think of them all the time. I cherish these words, because they have a very real effect on me. They seem to shake me awake, and peel away any negativity I have been harbouring. 

I shared them here, hoping they would speak to your heart, as well!

I gathered up a little nature table this morning:

1. Elderberry blossom 2. European Columbine 3. Hatched chrysalis 4. Hollowed out walnut shell 
5. Autumn-y cherry leaves 6. Four-leaf clover 7. Lady's Mantel 8. Wild Privet

It's a funny thing: on exactly this same day last year I found (and blogged about) autumn-y leaves that I had discovered. It seems the cherry trees send down a few colourful leaves while their fruits are ripening. This is one of the things I love about blogging: you keep a record of the goings-on in nature and actually find a very prominent rhythm. And I love learning about nature's patterns. 

That sweet little squirrel stopped by again:

So cute! I really should give him a name. Any suggestions? I know Gladys Taber named her frequent visitor Tiny Tim after the Beatrix Potter character.

Wishing you a lovely day. 

And may every virtue in you blossom, and every hidden good quality in you shine forth!

xoxo country girl

Today, one year ago: Pieces of Autumn in June 


  1. Thank you for this! I'll write it down and read it every morning!!!

  2. It's funny you mention the "summer autumn leaves"... I just noticed a pile of them outside the library I work in yesterday! I had to do a double take at first since it's so strange seeing orange crispy leaves amidst all the lush green foliage, but it was indeed there! Such subtle little gifts nature gives us :)♥

  3. Yiota:
    thank you so much for your thoughtful 'mail love!' It was so nice to receive it yesterday on a gloomy morning! I have already written back and will send my response asap. <3
    Erin: Isn't it funny? Last year today I used the quote that I found in a Susan Branch book: "When the days begin to shorten, soon after solstice on June 21st, a tree reconsiders its leaves." -A Natural History of the Senses (taken from Susan Branch's book 'Summer')
    How was your trip? I'll have to have a look at your blog! :)

    Thank you both for stopping by. I really appreciate it.


  4. I love the display of your woodland ponder beauties. Further I loved that you named and numbered them.

    The little squirrel looks like a plush stuffed animal. Adorable.

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. Your quote is a keeper for sure and I love your nature table. Your pictures and descriptions have made me much more observant when I walk.Thank you!

  6. I tried to leave a comment on my lunch break, but blogger was playing silly sausages so here I am again!
    A beautiful post as always and the thought provoking words have resonated with and I shall remember them always. Thank you for sharing them and making my heart sing.
    The nature table is very pretty and it is interesting to see the burnished cherry leaves at this time of year again.
    As a huge fan of Beatrix Potter I think Squirrel Nutkin or Twinkleberry would be a lovely name for your little furry companion.
    Love always

  7. Love you quote and will write it down and reread it each day!! Also loved your nature table...amazing how you find all those 4 leaf clovers. No luck for me:( But I keep looking:)

    Have a blessed evening...
    xoxo Gert

  8. Love it my Love....let it shine and you do, indeed you do!

  9. i love your treasures and your tiny little love. he looks like an emmitt to me for some reason.

  10. Country Girl -

    Just found you today when I googled Louise Andrews Kent - her books make me smile. And then you mentioned Gladys Taber - two of my favorite authors. I am so happy to have come across your blog and so pleased that you are willing to share your thoughts and beautiful pictures. Looking forward to your new posts and anticipating reading your earlier one. God bless you today. I will be praying for you. - Esther

  11. Such wise words and a good mantra to live your life by...did something a little unwise today...so these words have a reasonance in many ways...



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