Monday, June 14, 2010

fabulously bookish

Two things arrived this morning: an adorable rain coat from Lands' End , and a fabulously bookish handmade satchel from Wooly Bison on etsy. And don't they just look marvelous together? I did my best posing for you :)

I have so many things to share with you...nature abounds in June, and I have picked wild blueberries and strawberries, found wild thyme, watched the first haying of the year, and gathered a lovely collection together for my tiny nature table. You'll just have to be the slightest bit patient...I have other obligations today, but will blog again asap!

Sending love,

xoxo country girl

p.s. thank you all so much for your support and compliments, i have been doing my best to paint something every day.


  1. Gorgeous!! I wish I could wear orange... I really like that rain coat - might have to head over to Land's End to see if they have it in other colors! Love, Silke

  2. Isn't it cute?! They do have it in quite a few the way, I think orange would look GREAT on you! I used to wear almost all black, white, blue and gray...but now I've been adding splashes of bright colors to my wardrobe and it's alot of fun.

    Hope you find something you like!

  3. i love your new jacket....
    my sister works at land's's just 30 minutes from us and it always amazing how their items travel the world....
    it makes me smile :)

  4. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Great colors, I am in the market for a good rain coat and have yet to find the right one! I have been very sad to let go of the fact that my 15 year old north face is no longer waterproof. I spent the last few years in denial and wore it anyways... not a good outcome! ha ha ha!

  5. cute jacket!!! it looks fab on you and i love the satchel too.

  6. Wonderful! You just need your autumn setting! It won't be far off - the seasons always change so quickly these days it feels! xxx

  7. so cute!!! the color on the coat is fab and i LOVE that bag.

  8. Great job on matching the jacket and sachel. Love Land's End. You are all set now for walks in the rain.

  9. Very cute! And you can add modeling to your list of talents :)

  10. They look great together! Thanks for putting together such a cute shoot! Makes me feel like a winner.

  11. Oh I just love your jacket and sachel,they go so well together and look so good on you. You should be a model!!! Can't wait to read all about your adventures and new finds!!

    xoxo Gert

  12. Dawn dear,

    LOVED the comment you posted on my latest blog entry. You are really a special person and very tender too. I agreed with you completely. Trees are sacred.

    Love the jacket and loved the color. I just finished my work with Lands' End and I bought a wonderful Sou'wester golden yellow canvas jacket from them.

    We are so tired from my five week book tour that we probably won't get to see Sue and Joe. We're hoping they will come up and stay in Literary Lodging when we finish it. But that will be a topic for a future posting.

    Sending love, wishes for good health and happiness,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  13. these two go perfect together.
    love to

  14. So looks awesome on you my lill pumpkin:)sweet thing you.
    I love your etsy wish list...gotta get on my own site and start posting pics of the jewelry I make.
    Any tips on cool photos of earrings and necklaces?

  15. It's a gorgeous raincoat , and I also have to say that I would die for your hair!!!
    doesn't the term fabulously bookish come from Anne of Green Gables? Or am I just imagining that?



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