Thursday, June 3, 2010

stormy weather, cozy days

"I love going to the feed store and drinking coffee and talking about how much rain we need."
Thomas Haden Church


Rain, rain, RAIN.

It's been raining here for weeks now. 

Everthing is wet. 

Oatmeal with butter from grass-fed cows, Vermont maple syrup, and raw organic milk...

rainy day nourishment.

My husband is gone on business until Sunday...I got out my watercolors and hope to immerse myself in painting these next few days. When hubby is gone, I lock the front door twice and can't go to sleep. I end up watching the strangest things on television...and surfing the internet late into the night.

And I've been buying recklessly on etsy:

an orange plaid wool satchel by the fantastic Wooly Bison
(i've wanted one of her bags for over half a year now...and finally chose one; i love how it looks like autumn....i picture it filled with books, and gingerbread wrapped in wax paper....)

 a large cosmetic bag made with vintage fabric by Ivory Gray Designs

 and a charming pendant with one of my favorite words, 'home,' from Robbie Jenkins.

Somehow shopping feels like a good deed when you buy handmade

xoxo country girl

p.s. who can tell me a good place to order high-quality rain boots? my striped joules pair sprung leaks after just a few months! and i am in definite need of rain boots....


  1. I always go Lands End or LLBean when I need durable. They're not nearly as fun, but they'll last you through your long treks!

    LLBean has some cute printed ones:

    Lands End Solid ones:

  2. Thank you so much for the advice Courtney!
    I'm going to look if either of them deliver to Austria...

  3. Enjoyed reading your blog. Good idea to paint while hubby is gone. It's nice to have some time alone to be with yourself and your thoughts. You have sweet Kiki to keep you company. Hope the rain clears up soon for you so you can enjoy some sun too! Have a goodnight Dawn xo

  4. Hope you'll get some dry weather soon, but in the meantime, enjoy being cozy!
    Love your Etsy buys, by the way ♥

  5. I always love your posts! And I hope your rain stops soon.It's like everything, too much of a good thing is not always good!lol Sounds like you are keeping busy, I know what you mean about locking the door a couple times or more..ha I was the same way when Tom would work out of town...just really hard to go to bed without them. Well, have fun shopping on line and painting!!


  6. Hello country girl. I always enjoy reading your posts. Especially when you feature Kiki in your photos. Being a lover of Cavaliers and the owner of two I always love reading about the adventures of other Cavaliers and their owners. I used some of your lovely buttons on my blog side bar and wish to give you the credit but this is the first time I've done it, so not sure what the protocol is. Thank you for sharing them. I might do a post about you and place a link on my blog if that's okay. Please come and visit us on your rainy days. Marley & Jasper at Cavaliers Corner.

  7. Helloa again I just featured you in my post today. Please come by and take a look and let me know if it's okay. Thanks again for your lovely handmade buttons. They are amazing.

  8. Lovely Etsy treats you have bought, I have gone on a bit of an Etsy and vintage spree myself!
    For wellington boots I would recommend Barbour, Hunter, Orvis and Le Chameau.
    Lots of love

  9. Love your tartan satchel, so cute!

  10. ahh, wat awesome pics...and great buys!!! shopping therapy is always a nice touch to those cozy, rainy days. it, for some reason, lifts the spirits a little higher...glad you are enjoying even the rainy days! :) And post a pic of your rain boots if you find some...always love a little fashion tip! :) ><>

  11. hey dawn:),

    my hubby was away this week too. too bad we don't live closer:). when he's gone, i double lock my doors and set the alarm for good measure:). i also spend money that i shouldn't, take the time to read trashy girly cheesy novels and to watch sweet girly movies. oh, and i eat very poorly when he's away. i hope you enjoy the rest of your solitude while ramon is away. can't wait to see photos of your new rain boots when you find the perfect pair.


  12. Hi Country Girl...I la la love your new it!
    I'm sorry to hear that your sweetie is gone away on business...I hate it when Winslow leaves me. My imagination runs wild too.
    But on a bright note....super cute etsy buys! You most definitely deserve them.
    Hugs to you....
    and ps. how I wish I could come over for breakfast and try som eof the delicious oatmeal with sounds heavenly.

  13. you are too cute! it feels like a public service
    to shop, really. with the economy and all. :)

    sorry about all the rain. we could actually use
    some in my southern neck of the woods.

  14. i love buying handmade. love it!
    and this pendant is beautiful!



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