Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Harvest!

It's here sweet friends! The best time of the year...the glowing months of Autumn. My heart is so full! I am so happy to be blessed with another season of golden leaves, pumpkin moonshine, cold starry nights and misty magical mornings. 


The narrow roads of this little village are sprinkled with the first fallen leaves, and children walk in chatty groups to school on mornings when your breath puffs in white clouds from your mouth. Crows caw their grumpy complaints and squirrels scamper about on important business.

Among the dew-soaked grass, I found this fiery red leaf, and I wished it were a brooch, so I could pin it to my orange raincoat. Nature has the most spectacular colors of all.

I just have to share this tiny butcher's block with you. Can you believe how sweet it is? It's a vintage find from etsy. I put little clusters of crabapples on it and had to squeal with delight!
This mini butcher's block will be fun to decorate with for many years to come, and in all seasons. Just imagine a pint-sized cake or pie on top of it!
This is another etsy find that I am in love with; Vintage By Crystal is such a fun shop, with handmade folkart figurines. I had this one custom-made for a Kiki La Ru photoshoot...but I was most excited about being able to keep it for a Halloween decoration afterwards!

It's a cheerful thought that there are people out there who sit and craft adorable, precious things like this, isn't it? It gives me hope, somehow.

I've been busy with my shop, too, and am very excited about the latest addition to the Kiki La Ru selection: DIY cake bunting kits!

 Perfect indoor project for fall, for all the crafty people out there who would like to make their own cake bunting. I am very curious to see how they will be received.

This autumn is shaping up to be busy and adventurous...only three weeks until our big move! 

The doggies are doing fabulously well, playing, dozing in the sunny spots of the home, barking at cars and dogs and air from the bedroom window. I love them so much.

You know, when fall rolls around, it always catches me by's almost as if it were too precious to return every year. I am always somewhat stunned, and my heart starts beating fast, and I am filled with determination; I always promise myself I will do my best to soak up every bit of autumn goodness. 

Let's soak up Autumn goodness together!
A big, mittened, toasty hug,

xoxo country girl


  1. so many people are just so very clever. i'm always delighted looking through etsy.

    have a beautiful day

  2. you busy girl! i love that butcher block, perhaps we'll see that in future photos shoots? I'm just about to go pick up some local apple cider... it's another beautiful fall day in ct!

  3. You sound like a whole new person! I love that you are so close in heart and mind to FALL! Sometimes I wish I had a "favorite" that brought this sort of response! But unfortunately for me, the beginning of Fall (and the change into any season, really) means migraines and fatigue. Yeesh.

  4. "almost as if it were too precious to return every year" i couldn't say it better myself. i just LOVE fall - all the colors, the crisp air, the coziness..and pumpkins of course!! ahhhh your post is making me long for fall weather here...alas it is texas and we will not get it for a few more weeks at best

  5. oh what a fun and inspiring post dearest Dawn!
    I'm excited for you DIY kits- what a great idea. And that folk art figurine is just beautiful. I will most definitely check out her shop.
    Good luck with the packing....I can't wait to see how you decorate your new home!

  6. Oh such pretty pictures...I too love Fall as don't we all?? ~smile~

    I love that folk art figurine, that is so cool....

    xoxo Gert

  7. such a beautiful glad i found you!
    just trying to finalize my cake bunting order....the cutest things ever!!

  8. I'm completely with you on the autumn front - and less than 2 weeks to go until New England for a month!!! Very excited! Will try and share lots with you xxx

  9. Happy Autumn! I love it too...



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