Monday, September 6, 2010

Sugar Bridge

Hey there Kindred Spirits!

I've opened a second etsy shop.
It's called Sugar Bridge, and is filled with photographs of simple country things.
Stop by and have a look if you like by clicking HERE.

I'm still picking and processing photos, but there's already quite a few on there.
I thought I might as well share the beauty that I am lucky enough to live with.
It's a crisp, sunny September day.
Birds started flocking to the feeder again.
I'm going to IKEA to order the kitchen for our new apartment today.
Let's just hope I measured out everything right!
It's still pretty unreal that we're moving, but I am so happy about it.
I can hardly wait to be in our new home.
How lovely that we will move there in mid-October, when our new place is surrounded with bright foliage!

Wishing you all a great start to your week,
xoxo country girl


  1. Oh, wow! Your photos are amazing!!! I love them all, seriously, I was going to put a few of the ones I like most, but just can't decide! What a beautiful eye you have, good luck!!!

  2. What a beautiful place you have here. Love to you on this September day. Cherry xoox

  3. Stunning photos! Good luck with the new shop, I'm trying to open mine this month too, like yours, with a simple concept. Looking forward to seeing shots of your new home too!

  4. You are such the creative thing aren't you?! Can't wait to check out your second shop! I can't believe you have two! I want to start one...just need to work at finding some time to make stuff! xxx

  5. beautiful shots - congrats on the new shop

  6. way to go - you inspire me! So happy for your success this far and glad you found a way to enjoy etsy and share your journeys with others. :) ><>

  7. Great photos. I'm still a novice at setting up and taking lovely pictures. It seems you really have an eye for it. Thanks for sharing your talent.



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