Thursday, September 2, 2010

trudging through high grass

Trudging through high grass yesterday afternoon, we spotted the first red and yellow leaves, and deer eating clover on the misty hillside. That smile I'm smiling is partly due to the fact that there was a chill in the air, and I was wearing boots and a knit wrap vest. At some point during our walk I realized I had been grinning since we left the house, so I took a photo to remember...this is how I feel when September arrives!

Today the sun is shining, but there's a cool wind blowing, and a dog barking in the distance, and I know somewhere there's a man stacking a neat woodpile. I know somewhere there's a tree heavy with ripening apples, and there's a pumpkin expanding in the last of the fleeting summer warmth.

Did you know that cinnamon-sugar is fairy dust? Sprinkle it on buttered toast and sprout wings.

xoxo country girl


  1. Dear Dawn,

    Loved reading your blog post. I can picture the deer eating clover on the hillside. Lovely to see your smiling face and the happiness you are feeling this September! Have a wonderful day! xo

  2. Lovely little post...and you look radiant! I love this time of year too! Right with you all the way! xxx

  3. Fairy dust sounds great to me this morning.
    Great pictures. BTW.. I love your header, I can almost smell Fall when I look at it, It makes me want to make hot apple cider and sit on the front porch.
    Have a great Thursday

  4. what a great post, september is the best month here in new england. Kiki and Boston look so happy and cute and I am so happy to see your beautiful, smiling face in this post as well! You give such a wonderful description of fall, I love it and am happy someone else knows about the cinnamon sugar fairy dust!

  5. Here in Minnesota Fall has come with September, also. I know exactly how you feel!No more feeling like one would wring out one's forearm and get drops of water to fall. I feel so much better--not so loggy! Cool dry air, sweaters, long jeans to walk dogs. We have a couple of mini-schnauzers. Thanks for sharing your pictures with those of us who "aren't in the know" of how to blog! My email address is if anyone wants to explain about blogging to me...
    Thanks Dawn, again, for the beautiful pictures!
    Pat Mofjeld

  6. I honestly hadn't even realized it was September, now you've made me smile too, i do love autumn so much. Such lovely photos.

  7. Hi Dawn,
    What a beautiful September walk! Your words capture this feeling of transition so well and it makes me all the more excited that fall is nearly here.
    Now off to indulge in some fairy dust and sprout some wings - I haven't enjoyed that treat for awhile. I think it will taste just like fall.

  8. Dawn, Love Autumn too! Love seeing pictures of the lovely countyside and your enthusiasm for fall is definitely contagious! Boston and Kiki, cute as ever! Lovely picture of you too.

  9. I've said this before and I'll say it again...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!!

  10. Love your pictures and your thoughts! Who doesn't love fall?? Thanks Dawn!


  11. Wonderful post... you look so vibrant! Autumn makes me feel the same way too :) ♥

  12. what sweet photographs...and yes, cinnamon toast is the loveliest

  13. September is magical. The cool air brings such freshness. Lovely post, lovely gal! xo

  14. Happy September kindred spirit! You look lovely in your picture! Thank you for posting. And Kiki and Boston, well they just melt my heart!

  15. What a beautiful post to welcome fall! Yay for September! Hope the season gives us all much to smile about.



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