Friday, September 17, 2010

These September Days...


It's been wonderfully busy here. This is the first morning that I have had time to say hello all week. So very many cake buntings to make for so many great customers! 

Boston is growing quickly, his legs stretching, his tail reaching, and his little face gaining in character. Kiki is a loving, playful big sister. They are both dozing now while I type; it's misty and dripping with rain outside. The mums and pumpkins on the balcony are wet and glistening. The espresso machine is hissing cozily every once in a while, and the clocks tick like a heart beat. I have my cuddly robe and thick socks on. Such a peaceful begin to the day. How nice to share it with all of you!

You may have noticed, I've made a few changes to this place. My friend Maria showed me how to widen the width of my blog, which I have wanted to do for so long now, so that I can post larger pictures. (Thanks, Maria!! xo) I hope you all still feel at home here!

It's an important day...I'm going to Ikea to order our kitchen for the new apartment. These kinds of important things always make me really nervous. Have you ever been faced with grown-up stuff and thought, "Heeeyyy, since when do I have to handle these kinds of things? I just want to play and have a juice box!" And then it hits're turning 30 and your animal cracker days are behind you.

Going alone to gargantuous Ikea with my little folder and measurements feels kinda like the first day of school. 

Can you believe I still haven't packed a single box? I keep waiting for elves to do the job, but apparantly, once you're a grown up, that changes, too.  

xoxo country girl 


  1. Hi Dawn! Love the new look...and that picture of Boston all tucked up - ADORABLE!!! I know just what you mean about grown up things...I'm waiting in for the dishwasher repair man (sometime between 9-1) and I feel so cheated because the sun is shining, the air is crisp, and I want to be out there with the dogs!! Oh happy the cake bunting has taken off so mamazingly, but not surprised in the least. Happy weekend xox Rachel

  2. Beautiful new look to your blog, Dawn, and all the pictures are gorgeous. The one of Boston all tucked up in the covers is simply heart melting.

    Good luck with your kitchen shopping! It will be an exciting day. And don't worry too much about the boxes. When the time comes to start filling them, you'll know, and just like that, the job will begin.

  3. I like the new format Dawn, and I do know what you mean about being a 'grown up'!
    Lovely pictures of Kiki and Boston.
    Still waiting for my housework elves to tun up...

  4. looks great, Dawn! I'm sure you'll choose a fabulous kitchen :) nice pix of Kiki and Boston - have a great weekend!

  5. As always, your blog looks beautiful! Good luck at IKEA. How I wish we had IKEA here in Mexico.

  6. These pictures are beautiful! How do you widen the width of your blog? I've been having the same problem!

  7. For packing, I wound up having friends over to keep me company and on-task for my last move. If you have friends that want to help pack, awesome! Mine were like "so... I have a book, where should I put it?"

    Good luck with your shopping and your move!

  8. such a beautiful and cozy day! good luck with the ordering - always so exciting and yes, a little stress inducing.

  9. Oh Dawn..I love all your pictures, especially of your puppies...they are both soooo cute! Hope you get some help to pack and get ready for your move. There is so much to do and to stay on top of your business...I just know your way too

    xoxo Gert

  10. The new look to your blog is sooo lovely! I always adore your photographs and the puppies are so precious!!

    Sending love,

  11. Hi Dawn,
    Love the look of blog and new bigger pictures. Missed you but understand how busy you must be getting ready for big move and making buntings. I find it a challenge to set time aside for etsy shop. Such cuties those little furry friends of yours. Picture of Boston cuddled in bed is my favorite this time. Good luck with the packing.

  12. on the whole i hate packing to move...unless it is to a better place, of course! selecting your kitchen sounds like so much fun! blessings to you - enjoy it all!



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