Wednesday, September 1, 2010

"If you want to be happy....

....try only to please God, not people."
-Leo Tolstoy


Excerpt from my private journal, October 1, 2006

"I will never be the tallest, prettiest, or sexiest woman on the planet. It's all a matter of taste, I know, but to Ramon I am precious and beautiful. This is something that I cherish about the people I love and who love me back. It's also what can be intimidating about the city, and meeting new people. People don't meet you with an immediate opinion, and you are forced again and again to analyse yourself according to what others point out about you. Every time you meet someone and they have an impression of you, that impression or relationship makes you think about yourself and who you are and what you represent. When the man who stamps tickets on the train ordered me disapprovingly to remove my shoes from the opposite seat, I knew he left with a bad opinion of me. This is where Tolstoy's advice of only focusing on pleasing God comes into good use. God knows all about me, every nook and cranny of my soul, and doesn't judge me by the little mistakes but rather by the sum of my prayers, intentions, and actions. I believe this to be one of the most comforting aspects of having God be your friend.

It's funny to learn about people who have such strong opinions and demands of others, like men who only date skinny models or women who only date men with money. I know there have been times where I have allowed such people to make me feel inadequate, being that I am hardly over five feet tall and have freckles and a crooked bottom tooth. But when I read books by Gladys Taber, Susan Branch, or Rachel Peden, all these superficial worries drop away from my heart. Any insecurities seem as silly and useless as they truly are. Real human values shine forth again. Values like loyalty, hard work, perseverance, faith, community, generosity, and most of all, love. My thoughts don't revolve around my weight, my skin, my hair, my wardrobe. But rather, I question, have I told my Dad that I love him lately? Isn't there something I could bake for my inlaws? Do the birds have enough seeds in the feeder? Is there someone who needs help? Wouldn't Ramon like a warm breakfast before he heads off to work? Wouldn't it be good to write some encouraging words in a letter to my Mother? These are the little things that make up a lifetime of loving and giving."

Thinking loving thoughts, feeling quiet and creative this first day of September.

xoxo country girl


  1. Enjoyed reading your blog this morning. It is all so very true. Wishing you a wonderful month of September. And by the way, I think you are beautiful! xo

  2. What wonderful ideas and thoughts...this is how I want to be also. Thanks for the reminder and the inspiring words.
    When you do work to please God, everything else falls perfectly into place ~

    Hope to all that this is a first day of a new beginning ~ enjoy your day!

  3. So refreshing to read, Dawn. Thank you for really are a lovely being and the earth is a little better because you are on it. :) Hope your day continues to be filled with creativity, peaceful moments and bits of joy that fill your heart.
    Jacs ><>

  4. Awww so very very Sweet! Precious are you in the sight of the Lord! And words so wise that youve spoken here.

  5. Dear Sweet Dawn, What an exceptional young woman you are. Thank you for sharing those personel thoughts. We all have times that we feel less than we want to be but you show so much maturity in knowing that it's our deeds and good thoughts that matter most.And you ARE beautiful inside and out!

  6. Happy September to you Dawn. Your post is a wonderful reminder of the most important thing in life...Love. xoTrina

  7. Oh my beautiful Dawn...what a wonderful blog this morning. I always say God created us--so we must be perfect, who would dare say God made a mistake?? Not me...we are all beautiful in His we should be happy of who we are!

    Have a blessed September and enjoy those puppies!

    xoxo Gert

  8. This was a beautiful and very inspirational post. I thank you for that ♥

  9. you are so special dawn. what an inspirational post...a beautiful reminder of what really matters as we make our way through each day! i'm inspired by your creativity, your beautiful soul, your kindness and your love for the people and world around you!
    you are always in my heart

  10. Wishing you a sweet September! I so enjoy your writings!

  11. sweet dawn...this was lovely...beautifully written

    little boston looks so cute and happy there...

    we are in beautiful september....
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  12. Always love coming are a beautiful person Dawn... :) God knows that...and so do we! xxx

  13. This is such a beautifully written post and one that i think we all would benefit from reading (daily!). I love it and truly agree with my whole heart.

  14. Lovely post, Country Girl. When you write about Gladys Taber and Susan Branch, you sound like them :) They are two of my very favorites. I've not heard of Rachel Peden before, so now I'm going to look her up and see what she's written. Love your blog. The pictures at the top exude home and warmth and peace.



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