Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Beautiful Buildings

Feast your eyes on these architectural beauties! There were hundreds more, but it would have been impossible to take photos of them all. I of course payed special attention to the homes which were decorated with pumpkins.


  1. Oh, Dawn..thanks for these wonderful pictures. They made me so HAPPY !

    I realy have it bad for those houses that are white with the black shudders.....Love those..and the pumpkins look so Fall.

    How is your jet lag? Getting back to normal yet...
    Miss hearing from you....

    Kary and Butterscotch

  2. The inhabitants just don't know how lucky they are - some of those places are reminiscent of my old house...oh woe! I'll be adding to your collection in a few weeks time...it is so cute to see these houses with their little pumpkins! Oh! xxx

  3. I bet you can't choose which one you like best, can you? :) I can't. They ALL look fantastic! If only I lived in one of them! If only ...

  4. Oh wow, they are all absolutely stunning :) You know I adore white wood and these for me are heavenly xoxo

  5. Oh an pumpkins galore, I want to have lots on our porch this year, I have collected three so far...xo

  6. Adore this post! Cape Cod is so beautiful.
    You've made me so excited to travel there this June :)♥

    P.S.- told ya I'd rummage through your archive! ;p



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