Sunday, October 11, 2009

Impressions of Cape Cod and Boston

This is my final post about New England, choc-full of photos to give you a lasting impression of its beauty and charm.

the beach directly in front of Inn On The Sound

sunrise over Nantucket Sound

chillaxing in the morning sun

riding my pink bike with a cute is that!

ramon's was cream-colored (and naturally didn't have a basket)

we hunkered down in bed on the one stormy day; ramon watched football and i read my favorite book, 'Autumn,' by susan branch

day after the storm: blue skies, glistening water, warm sand between the toesies

seasonal decor in front of the restaurant 'bleu' in mashpee

we took a day-trip to Boston and love it! wish we could have seen more of it. what a fantastic city.

we were lucky enough to visit while there was a farmer's market going on. so many beautiful colors and friendly farmers!

since this letter was going to be personally hand-delivered, i drew a little stamp instead of using a real one

our bicycles made a cute couple on the ferry out to martha's vineyard

so did we, i think! :)

isn't that a great name for a boat?

mist and a lighthouse on the vineyard

some impressions of the island

returning to the main land

and driving to the airport, saying farewell to new england on a rainy autumn morning

Hope you have enjoyed these posts, and that they have inspired you to visit New England. I know we will go back one day...maybe even for good, who knows! 
But you know what's funny? When I got back to our little village, nestled in woodsy hills, with hidden creeks and the scent of rich soil and mushrooms...when I took the first walk through my neighborhood, the climbing vines turning bright scarlett and the trees just edged in gold...I fell in love with my home all over again! 
So, in my up-coming posts I'll be sharing the joy of home with you. Because believe me, it's just as beautiful here as in New England!


  1. Could you actually move there if you wanted? Wow - that would be nice! Thank you for sharing all these photos - it has been a beautiful journey and quite an emotional one just before I set off too myself. Quite excited - only two weeks now...

    I like how you have rediscovered your home too. Sometimes the coming home part is the best part of the journey - isn't that crazy? I think seeing other places really opens your eyes to your own home and makes you thankful for what you also have. xxx

  2. So lovely to hear of you falling in love with your home - I know that lovely feeling!
    (And they are great pics of CC)

  3. Ahh a lovely storybook of photos, very sweet and beautiful. I always feel the same way about my home and village too. I feel so blessed,happy and proud to live in one of the most stunning places in England, and probably even the world!(Told you I was proud!)Glad you love your home too xo

  4. Oh, you went to Martha's Vineyard too, how wonderful! :) Everything looked so lovely (the bicycles resting on the ferry was especially adorable)♥



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