Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Dream Home nr 12

Isn't it sweet, tucked between golden trees with white siding and dark green shutters? Probably the best part about this house is that you can stay here! That's right, this is a vacation rental in Upstate New York. It's called The Waterfall Rental because it's located beside a beautiful waterfall. Here is information about it and photos of it and the surrounding property in all seasons. 
Hope you're enjoying your week! I know I am. 
xo country girl


  1. Oh, Dawn...you got me good on this one. I just about wilted when I saw this...my DREAM HOUSE. I can't stop staring at it....darling..and those trees. Can you imagine how it would be to spend Halloween in there.....

    I guess i'll dream.....

    We're getting close to tricks and treats....
    my favorite...

    Sending love to you and Kiki...

    Kary and Buddy

  2. Very pretty sweetie, thanks for sharing. Glad you are having an enjoyable week :) xo

  3. i love the rustic picket fence! though my FAVORITE

  4. (woops. didn't finish that thought :)

    As I was saying, my FAVORITE fences are split rail. Hmmm. I feel a post coming up...

  5. What a great house, in a neat setting! I would love to kick my feet through those leaves on the side of the fence!!!
    Best wishes!

  6. Beautiful!!! Very much like the houses that are here where I am right now - do check out my blog - there are some pictures of Massachusetts up now and more cute houses etc etc to follow! xxx



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