Monday, October 12, 2009

It's Our Second Wedding Anniversary!

Two years ago, on a misty afternoon, Ramon and I promised to love and commit to one another in the beautiful hall of Kartause in Mauerbach. And now, we love each other more than ever. How did I get so lucky? Only God knows. To see a few photos of that precious day, click here.
xo country girl


  1. Happy Anniversary Dawn and Ramon! Hope you're always as much in love as you are now and have a lot of children to share your love with!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you and Ramon :) You will be celebrating them for the rest of your lives together. I echo Yiota by saying that I hope there will also be lots of little ones over the years to help you celebrate too, love and hugs to you both xxx

  3. Happy Anniversary Dawn and Ramon. I loved those beautiful pictures. What a darling couple..

    John and I will celebrate 29 years in goes so fast.

    Thanks for sharing the pictures..

    My Best To You Both,

  4. Happy 2 YEARS!!!! Our 2-year is tomorrow! I just think that's so wonderfully ironic. Enjoyed the wedding pics. I sent you a friend request :)

  5. Congratulations!!!

    Your pictures are beautiful......What a good looking couple.

    I wish you many healthy and happy years!

  6. Happy anniversary!! Beautiful photos. xoxo

  7. Happy Anniversary - what BEAUTIFUL photos - you look radiant and so in love!!! I'm so happy for you both! xxx

  8. Congratulations !!!! Beautiful pictures , beautiful couple ! God bless you !
    I wish you happiness , love peace and ... children !!! Running around you and calling you " mommy !!! " . It's such a wonderful blessing from God :)


  9. Congrats Dawn and Ramon! So happy I was there to share that magical day with you both. Dawn, your blog is amazing....and how cute is that baby porcupine??? I must come visit soon. Looks like the Cape was wonderful- love all the pics. Talk soon!
    xoxo heather

  10. Wow, your wedding pictures are beautiful! I love your veil, think I had the same one :-)

    Congrats to your 2nd anniversary day - may many happy years like these 2 follow!

    Have you got my email by the way?



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