Thursday, October 8, 2009

Cape Cod Nature

I never really feel at home in a place until I've explored it's plants, animals, trees and water. Cape Cod boasts a wonderful mix of beaches, ocean, foliage, and wildlife. Here are just a few shots of the natural beauty we saw.

In fall, Bittersweet is cut and used as decoration in wreaths, bouquets, or in bunches over the fireplace. It's most beautiful when the golden pods burst to reveal a scarlet bead within.

I love trees and could photograph them all day. Each one has a character all it's own, and the way the light plays through the leaves is captivating.

The stormy evening sky opened to reveal a beacon of light.

This is the somewhat hidden road that Susan Branch and her wonderful partner Joe take walks on daily, 'through any and every weather' she told me. It leads to the sea.

This fellow was surveying traffic from electric wires on Martha's Vineyard. I had to pull over my bike and take a photo, even though the lighting wasn't ideal. Just look at him, so poised and proud.

Who built this huge nest? A stork, I presume. It stands, with strands swaying on the sea breeze, beside the dock of Oak Bluffs on Martha's Vineyard.

These fellows, who I believe to be cormorants, stood stoically in a group when we left Falmouth for Martha's Vineyard, and were still there when we returned. A quiet and important-looking lot.

The only decent photo I got of one of the many adorable (and extremely busy) squirrels.

I know, YIKES. Could an animal look any meaner? Horseshoe crab.

One of the cranberry bogs we passed by on the Shining Sea bike trail. Unfortunately, no cranberries swimming in it on that day.

The shimmering ocean, right in front of our bed and breakfast.

In cape cod even the fire hydrants manage to look elegant, tucked into hedges of Hydrangeas.

The perfect spot to watch the sun come up, or go down, looking out over Nantucket Sound.

xo country girl


  1. Oh my, what a vacation.... your pictures are beautiful!!!!
    We've traveled all over the world, but never to Cape Cod. I'm ready to go.....

    You really captured some very outstanding pictures!!!!

    Hugs to you!

  2. Hello Country Girl,
    What a surprise to stumble upon your blog today! I was in Falmouth just a few weeks ago, and biked the Shining Sea bikeway. Your beautiful photos made me wish I was back there...sigh.
    Love your blog!!!

  3. Wonderful photos - I love the sky. That crab looks like something out of robowars!!! we used to have a cranberry bog near my house -hopefully I'll get to see it soon! xxx

  4. Lovely photoes. It is great to get such a good sense of Cape Cod.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Lovely post Dawn :) Being surrounded by nature wherever I may be, always makes me feel as though I am at home xo



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