Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Walking Makes Me Happy!

Fresh air, trees, birds, leaves flying on the wind, sunshine, clouds, rain. I am so grateful for all of these! And I am fortunate enough to visit with them twice a day. 
Lately autumn has been transforming this village and the trees that line it and surround it. As you all know, it's my favorite time of year. I already get sad in the middle of it because I know it will end soon! So I do my best to capture it each day by taking photos, watercoloring, and mostly just observing it all with my eyes and heart. 

Are you enjoying fall?
xo country girl


  1. Ahhh...ME, TOO, Country Girl! Walking and fall make me happy, too:) Love your photos....Much more fall there than here, although, slowly but surely, it is a-coming:) We have black-eyed susans, goldenrod, and purple heather everywhere along our country roads!

    I back-tracked and perused all of your previous posts.........it's been a while since I have visited......and i have decided! Cape Cod and Boston should be our next big trip! Looks like you and Ramon had a wonderful time:)

  2. Oh Dawn..your photographs are so beautiful. And YES ! You do get much more Fall than we do in California...right know, Buddy and I are sitting in a BIG STORM....wow....it rolled in off the Pacific Ocean early this morning..but we are all tucked cozy inside.......

    More Later,
    Kary and Buddy

  3. I love to walk, too! I walked at the park today and when I was finished with my loop, I got my camera and took some pics. The leaves are just starting to turn here. Thank you for the beautiful book mark! You are very artistic! I'll really enjoy it!

  4. Walking makes me happy too! Lovely photos and how cute that you and your mum have matching Joules outfits :)

  5. What a lovely place you live in. Yes, I m truly enjoying it as well - had a lovely sunny walk in the park yesterday. Today it has turned grey though so not so great ... :( xxx



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