Monday, October 19, 2009

A Few Of My Favorite Things

:: pumpkin carving at the farmer's market ::

:: watching a class of kindergarden children tromp through the woods ::

:: being reminded how much i love my husband and doggy ::

:: witnessing the quiet seeping in of autumn ::

:: looking at the world through kiki's curious eyes ::

:: painting cards for loved ones ::

:: discovering nests in trees now that some leaves have fallen ::

:: bundling up in colorful hats and scarves ::

:: storms coming in over the village ::

:: my mom cooking up hungarian chicken paprika in my kitchen ::

:: devouring the first cinnamon-sweet persimmon of the season ::

enjoy your monday!

xo country girl


  1. Your pictures are so lovely. I especially love the picture of the storm coming over the village. A Cavalier owns us, and I always love looking at these precious dogs.

  2. Ah what lovely things and what lovely photos! What a wonderful life you lead! xxx

  3. what a beautiful post! i love all your pictures :) thank you for visiting my blog!

  4. I enjoyed the Diwali info. I knew nothing about it!

    LOVELY recap of your monday. Is hungarian paprika chicken a favorite? I'm interested!

  5. Dear Dawn,
    I love your blog which I found via Twitter. I've been following for about six weeks. What beautiful photos and what a beautiful person you are. You lift my spirit here in far away Melbourne.
    Thought you might like this site LakelandCam
    which I view every day.

  6. Beautiful post :) Every photo is full of joy and happiness, and I love your painted card, so pretty xo



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