Thursday, October 29, 2009

Mighty Golden Oak

I love this oak tree. I speak to it, it listens. I lay my hand on it's rough bark when I need a source of calm, empowering energy. 
It's wearing it's golden dress now, looking so bright and beautiful. Part of it came down in a summer storm, but the rest of it still towers strong and majestic.
A dear friend told me that, if you talk to your tree each day for seven years, it will then talk back to you.
xo country girl


  1. I love this notion of talking to a tree.

  2. Same as Lecia. I love the pictures as always.

  3. Just beautiful. I have an old oak right outside my bedroom window...I look at it every is turning a golden yellow right Thanksgiving it is pure gold in color..I tell her Happy Thanksgiving before I walk downstairs to bake my pies on Thanksgiving morning...

    kary and Buddy

  4. I used to write letters to a tree and give it smarties when I was a kid...then someone chopped it down... :( xxx

  5. Curious Cat, that reminds me of when I was little, one of the neighborhood kids convinced me they had an M&M tree....a tree that grew m&m's! I got so upset when they wouldn't let me see it. It went and 'told on her' to my dad, who laughed and explained why that wasn't possible. It was probably the first lie I was ever told and the concept of lying shocked me at the time!



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