Thursday, November 26, 2009

Beautiful Handmade Gift Tags

Here's something that ought to get you all in the mood for a holly jolly Christmas!

1. PaperEclectiques 2. & 4. seasonaldelights 3. joyfuljoyful

If I don't make handmade, I try to buy handmade. Or something which supports an artist! It feels great to think of people who are doing what they are passionate about, and being able to live off of that passion. It takes alot of bravery to be an artist, and to put a price tag on your work. Explore not only etsy, but local Christmas fairs, tiny stores, and farmers markets. It makes the holidays so much more personal and enjoyable.

Hope you all like the new look. I've been distracting myself lately by delving into photoshop; it's a fun way to get my mind off of life's more difficult challenges, and it's somewhat artistic.
Plus Kiki gets to cuddle up next to me the throughout the whole process...what more can you ask for? 

It's interesting how hardship can drive me to creativity. Something to think about.

You're all in my heart this cold November Thursday! Let's deck the halls and get cozy and creative...



  1. Loving the new festive look and I like the point you have made about supporting artists! Really good one! ooo and that robin - how cute!!! Aw, I love your blog... and I'm glad to hear you are finding a good creative outlet to help you with things xxx

  2. Love the new look! I felt Christmas when I opened your blog... ahhh... deck the halls...

    organic spark

  3. Lovely background :)

    Have a beautiful day !


  4. Dawn, you made me so happy today when I opened this....Christmas ..and you did such a beautiful job...everything I LOVE too !It all looks so cozy and festive...

    I loved the lovely things you said on my blog...and I feel the same way...I know it is possible to love someone you have never actually met...I feel the same about you, dear friend.
    Glad to hear that Kiki is right by you keeping you company...

    Looking forward to spending the holidays with you.
    Kary and Buddy



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