Monday, November 2, 2009

Welcome, Frosty November!

Can you even begin to believe that November is upon us? I'm finding it hard. This is such a wonderful time of the year, when the weather outside is frightful, but staying inside where it's warm and cozy and there's something tasty bubbling on the stove or rising in the oven is oh so very delightful.

form martha stewart living magazine

Don't you just love those steps festooned with pumpkins, mums, and leaves? How lovely. I live in an apartment building, so my pumpkins are in front of the door, on the balcony, and pretty much all over the place. But no steps to put them up. One day!

from country living magazine

Time to air out the quilts and pile them on the bed! We're sleeping under a down comforter and two quilts at the moment. I like to pile on the pillows, too. These are the months where you just want to live in bed, aren't they?

All the leaves are turning so wonderfully golden, and some branches are already bare. I can't even say what I like more; a sunny day where the yellow leaves shine bright against the blue, or those quiet, misty days where they seem to glow, with fingers of fog curling around them.

You'll have to excuse the poor quality of this photo...I can't go too close without scaring the birdies away, so I had to use super zoom. Click on the photo to get a better look. My feathered friends are back and hungry as ever! It's one of my favorite things to do in my breaks between cleaning; watch the birds come swooping in, crowding around the bird feeder in all their pretty colors. Their small, intricate bodies, glossy feathers, and shy but brave temperament have me hypnotized. I have, over the years, discovered that the most popular feed consists of shelled peanuts or shelled sunflower seeds. I have record numbers of birds coming to the feeder every day, I'm guessing because they don't have to open any shells!

Kiki is gorgeous as ever, growing a nice thick winter coat. She's been chasing the fallen leaves and sniffing the cold air, but mostly she loves being at home right now, curled up warm on the bed, or sitting at the window growling dissapprovingly at squirrels and birds. I love her so much!

It's full moon tonight, one which the Indians call 'frost moon.' So bundle up and welcome November, the month of holiday preparation, hearty filling foods, and family.


  1. I saw the full moon this morning as I got up at 5.30 to go to the gym...magnificent! xxx

  2. Happy November to you too. We have the same dream: of having a house with a garden.
    I like the image of staying in bed under a pile of quilts.

  3. Lovely post and pictures. It's really cold here too, leaves everywhere...I'm waiting to spot that moon tonight! x

  4. Oh Dawn. I LOVED your post. Too bad for me ...We are in a HEAT WAVE....89 degrees I am sorry to say.

    But I loved your photographs..and I'll be looking at that same moon tonight..half way around the world..
    Kary and Buddy

  5. Great post, thanks for sharing :) Getting very chilly here, definitely need a coat to go outside! xo

  6. Loved your post! I feel the seasons when I read your blog. Happy November to you as well! May it be a blessed one...

    Organic Spark



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