Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Snow, Muffins, and Why I Eat How I Do

We awoke to drifts of snow coming down this morning. How beautiful! But really, doesn't it feel against nature to get anything done outdoors in the real world when it's snowing like that? 
Luckily, I'm sick in bed. And luckily, I have this sweet companion curled up with me all hours of the day. And luckily, my mother is here visiting, and will make me a strong bone broth to strengthen me. I'm so lucky!

Snow is lightly dusting the branches and rooftops, including the tiny roof of the bird feeder. The bird you see here is one of my favorites, because it is the smallest. Its called a tannenmeise in german, and coal tit in english. Supposedly they are shy, but the one who comes here is quite brave! He lets me get up relatively close to take his picture.

Snow and cold ofcourse mean baking. I made a dozen blueberry cornmeal muffins the other day, and they are a wonderful addition to breakfast, and also make a nice snack. I like the fact that they aren't too sweet. It makes it OK to munch on them without feeling like you're eating a dessert. 

This photo of them is from the magazine where I got the recipe, Taste of the South. It's a fun magazine! It's so devoid of anything low-cal or vegan....I like simple organic foods that farmers eat. I like basics. I like a plate with meat, starch, and vegetables on it. I like to read books from Gladys Taber or Little House On The Prairie and learn about what they were eating so many years ago, and roll up my sleeves and cook what they cooked, and feel part of a simpler time. For breakfast, we eat bacon, whole free range eggs scrambled and spiced up with a few drops of tabasco, and a bowl of steaming oatmeal, with a glowing puddle of sweet organic butter in the middle, rings of raw whole milk, and a sprinkling of organic mascobado sugar. That's our way to start the day!
Your diet shouldn't be about being skinny and fitting into size-zero jeans...it should be about being sturdy, healthy, with a strong immune system; a variety of fresh foods, eating seaonally, thanking nature for all the bounty in your life, being grateful to have these wonderful foods in your kitchen, nurturing your body and those of the people you love, giving them wholesome, delcious foods. Supporting the local organic farmers and butchers. Making it a part of your life to buy, cook, and eat consciously. And, especially, eating what you REALLY LOVE! 
Do you know how many years I spent dieting, depriving myself of foods I loved, just thinking that was a part of life? It took me a while to realize that, I was the one who had decided that's how things had to be for me, and I could decide to change my belief! Especially since I wasn't healthier or more energetic because of the way I was eating (no fat, barely any carbs). It was amazingly freeing to read Nourishing Traditions, and to learn the truth about the foods which have kept certain cultures thriving and healthy, with little or no tooth decay or cancer, for thousands of years. 
Another thought which provoked a change in me was, Would I eat this way if I was pregnant? No. Why not? I definitely wasn't eating the sufficient fats and nutrients to support the optimum growth of another being. So why had I decided it was sufficient for me? Why was I craving sugar all the time? (Because I wasn't eating any fats, which are a premium source of energy, so my body was screaming for simple carbs as an energy source!) If people weren't dying from cancer and heart disease in the past as they were now, and weren't as fat as they are now, and didn't have as many cavities as they have now, why wasn't I looking at how they ate for answers? Why did I have such little energy, and how did people back then have so much?
All of those questions were answered through the book Nourishing Traditions, and the website called the Weston Price Foundation. I invite you to discover these ground breaking sources of information for yourselves!

And in the meantime, enjoy some delicious muffins! Here is where you'll find the recipe. Note that I used all organic ingredients, and substituted whole plain yogurt for the buttermilk, because that's what I had on hand.

xo country girl


  1. oooh, i will be checking out those sources! i totally agree with you you. it does NOT make much sense to eat so many saturated fats and sugars. and it amazes me that we eat that way because surely no one FEELS good after, right?!?!?!

    get well soon!

  2. I am checking out those sites today too...I LOVE organic and farmers markets and eating in the seasons...all those good things.

    You're so lucky to have your mom there with you.

    It looks so glorious outside with that light dusting of snow, looks like sugar...

    Kiki is so cute to lay with you and keep you company..what a little doll she is. Precious little girl..

    Take care and feel better.
    We're thinking of you.

    Kary and Buddy

  3. Wise thoughts - I must read that book as I have been battling with my eating habits for quite some time now - I am addicted to sugar - the bane of my life - and I also suffer from lack of energy...

    Sorry to hear you are not feeling too well - I like your positive outlook though on things. I can't believe you have more snow too! Wonderful! xxx

  4. Oh Dawn, how very right & sensible you are. It's why I love Jamie O so much too...it all makes so much sense. Your breakfast made my mouth water! I'm trying to be better at eating breakfast..not natural for me, but this morning I had gorgeous tomatoes on toasted sourdough and it really makes such a difference to how I feel all day. Get better SOON xx

  5. So true. My great grandparents were farmers, ate real butter, real cream, and worked hard everyday and they were as skinny as a rail!! Exercise and eating real foods, that's the key. I'm going to get the book Nourishing Traditions.

    I also think many women don't get enough protein. I see this in my friends a lot.

    Great post!

    Hope your book is going well,

  6. Thank you for spreading the WAP & Nourising Traditions word !!! I am right there with you when it comes to what we should be eating, and we need to look to the past for some of our answers.

    I love your blog, and check it every few days, your one of my "Weekly" reads...I always feel rested and happier after reading your words and enjoying your lovely pictures and images ! Thank you so much for sharing so much of yourself and your life with all of us here in Blogland.

    Hope your feeling better soon, and that Kiki keeps your spirits up ! She looks like she has the softest fur !! Take good care,

    Beth Ann



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