Saturday, November 21, 2009

Blueberry's Last Day Was Beautiful

Here are photos from the walk we took on Blueberry's last day. It was a beautiful one.



  1. That's why I love our blog, Dawn ! There is always beauty in yours eyes, in your soul !
    You're blessed, so blessed ! Keep with this beauty in your soul and many blessings will come from heaven to your life :)
    We're wives, we're mothers, we're warriors ! That's the magic of being a woman !

    Love, peace, comfort, happiness, health ... God bless you :)


  2. Dawn...what a beautiful walk in the Autumn woods....

    How are you feeling dear friend?

    I think of you often throughout the day....

    May you find peace and comfort.

    Sending love,

  3. I am so very sorry for your loss. :-(

  4. Thank you for sharing this precious day with us. You are wonderful and brave, and you and Ramon will come through this heartache to be blessed again. All of my love, your friend Morwenna xoxoxo

  5. A truly beautiful day for a beautiful, much loved blueberry... thinking of you and so glad to hear that you and your husband are pulling together to support one another and I'm also happy that our comments have offered you some cheer. I really admire your bravery and I know you will pull through it and be okay...wishing you all the best and sending you positive thoughts and prayers xxx

  6. So sad my Love...what a brave soul you are.

  7. It was a beautiful last day with two AMAZING, loving parents who see beauty in EVERYTHING. How precious that you will always have that day together to remember...

    Prayers are still with you.



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