Friday, November 27, 2009

Out And About on Thanksgiving Day

Yes, THIS is how to start the morning!

So many colorful berries, still clinging to vines and branches; they will look so pretty when it snows. And look at Kiki in her new harness. She's too cute.

Old Christmas tree farm. Overgrown now. Deer like to hide in here. The ground is mossy and has all kinds of mushrooms growing on it.

Gets dark around 5 now...I had to pick up my weekly organic chicken from the butcher. Luckily I took my camera along...the village is bright with Christmas lights and decor. I am always so grateful when people decorate for the season!
Now I'm off to the farmer's market, where the farmers stand in the cold....always admire how tough they are. Once I handed out coupons in front of a store on the coldest day of the year. I stood there, chattering, for what I believe was 6 bucks an hour, totally invisible to the people hurrying by...suddenly Ramon showed up in silver armor, took the coupons from me, tossed them in the trash, and whisked me away to Starbucks for a huge chai latte! My hero.
Well, ever since then, I appreciate the farmers even more.
And my husband.


  1. Aw! What a lovely little entry! So sweet and I love the photos - they are making me feel all christmasy and kiki looks so cute and festive too! Give me that breakfast too!!!

    Thanks for your message on my wall - it was really lovely to hear from you :) really appreciated it. And I'm so sorry to hear that horrible story about your friends. I do wonder about cars...they have become a necessity in our modern day life and I am drawn to the freedom they potentially offer (when you are the passenger and you see something out the window drift by and you want to stop and investigate you never can unless the driver wants to as well) but I also wonder about how the world would look without them...prettier I'd think...and life would be a slower, a more leisurely pace and perhaps people would visit their local stores and shops more than driving to big supermarkets and malls...who knows? Too late to reverse things it would seem...tis a shame... xxx

  2. PS You should get snow for your blog - see here! Though it might not show up on all the white...just an idea though... xxx

  3. Curious Cat,
    I count myself very lucky to live in a country where the public trasnportation is so reliable! Ramon and I both don't drive, and have been fine these past 8 years without a car. Sometimes when it's pouring rain or below zero out, one thinks of a cozy dry car interior. But actually, in the snow it's much more practical to hop on a big bus.
    Then there are times when you need to buy big things like couches and kitchens. And times where you need to get to and from the airport with big pieces of luggage. That's where you spring for delivery or a taxi. The money you pay is still peanuts compared to the costs of a car, car insurance, reapairs, and gasoline.
    That having been said, Ramon is considering getting his drivers license, and probably a car, in the Spring. If/when we have children, I think it might be more practical. We'll see though...I get scared just thinking of my most precious person behind the wheel. Though I do think he has guardian angels around him.
    Wondering what YOUR decision will be...
    Thank as always for stopping by! XOXO

  4. Dawn, I just love all the Christmas pictures here..all looks so festive and holiday....

    Kiki looks so cute in her harness...When we say that word..harness...Buddy goes we say the H....

    We are so tired today after the big Thanksgiving Day here...but it was nice...
    now onto Christmas...

    More later,
    kary and buddy

  5. Dear Country Girl, I am loving all the creative touches (new banner, thanksgiving collage) that you have done to your blog. I hope you are all having a cozy day!

  6. Love the new banner and blog decor!
    Very NICE...YM



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