Sunday, November 29, 2009

Lovely Winter Hats from ETSY

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It's amazing when you think about how, by shopping at, you are not only supporting artistic individuals, but are avoiding all the stress and annoyances of shopping in crowded stores. It's an absolute win-win. I've been surfing on etsy these past few days and will be sharing my favorite finds with you. I love their motto: "Mass-production is over...if you want it!" 
When I first heard about etsy, I expected the products to be expensive, but the prices are surprisingly reasonable! I am itching to order so many of the things I've seen, but wonder how it will be ordering from Austria...customs can be a bitch here, and packages sometimes take ages to arrive. But it's worth a shot! 
Have any of you ordered from etsy? Would love to hear about your experience...
Hope you're enjoying a lazy Sunday. We're going to eat salt and pepper potato chips (my new addiction) and watch Twilight...we've been fighting it, but it's time to find out what all the hype is about.


  1. I love browsing the treasures on Etsy, but I have yet to buy to anything, maybe now is the time. I really like the ethos of Etsy and I try to buy as much handmade and make my own things as possible.
    Embrace Twilight, it is great! Enjoy your Sunday xo

  2. Ooh forgot to say, all of the hats are darling, but number 4 does it for me! xo

  3. Yes ! Etsy..I even had a vintage shop on there for a while....but burnt out on it...

    I have bought off of Etsy..and had a great experience...

    My best friend makes a living off of Etsy. She sells her pottery on there...Julie Whitmore Pottery...darling things...when I type in her name on Etsy I can never find I just Google her and her name comes up there and I go to it that way....

    Oh, all the hats are darling..but love the mouse ears one the best too..

    Have a fun Sunday....

    More later,
    Kary and L'il Buddy

  4. Let us know what you think of Twilight.... I've been trying to avoid that whole saga, but it's all over the place... I may have to check it out as well. Have a good Sunday! :)

  5. Yes, I'd love to hear more about etsy...been trying to get back into making jewelry and hats for that matter...just need that extra making a living for example:)

    Ahem....I just saw 'new moon'with my Cali family... possibly one of the worst movies ever...not because the actors weren't good, because they are a very talented lot, also the cinematography and all around skills are amazing. BUT the story and dialog...butt. Really. Totally vapid empty run of the mill could care less waste of my time. So sad, because, as I said, the cast is lovely and so is the talent in special effects. Well, thats my 5cents anyway. Seemed like another product of some business guys getting the say in how to make a movie instead of artists.

  6. Things I liked about Twilight: the location! Rainy, green, beautiful small town in Washington with lots of lush forests. Very pretty. And I loved the romantic heat between the two main was very thick, very real. I loved that the hottest things got was a kiss. Refreshing in these times of sex-overload.
    Things I didn't like: the white, pasty make-up. Felt that was unneccessary. They could have just been pale, right? Script was pretty dull. And, as usual, the actors who played teenagers at the highschool were way too old. Also, the 'bad' vampires...why are 'bad' guys always walking around with their shirts open, and with a grimace on their face? It's gotten really old.
    So, it's a mixed review. I liked the love-story part, but not all the stuff around it.

  7. Etsy is incredible!

    The sellers are helpful and kind (you will end up making lots of friends) and the range of amazing things that you can find on there is unrivalled.

    The postage thing can be a problem- I am currently living in Spain and there are so many wonderful things from American sellers that just cost too much to post... however, some prices are more reasonable than others, you just have to ask.

    You will also find that in most etsy shops there is often a link to a great blog.

    I don't know if that helps... Just be assured that etsy people are yummy and it can become an addiction!

    There's an English site called that it similar, not as good, but worth a look too.

    Have a good day,


  8. I haven't noticed that before, about Lovely Winter Hats from ETSY, thank you
    Women Winter Hats



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