Thursday, November 5, 2009

Dream Rooms!

It's a cold rainy day; homemade applesauce is bubbling on the stove; squashes and pumpkins are waiting, piled up with carrots and onions, to be turned into hot soup. Ahhhhhhh. And so, my mind is on HOME. And like many women out there, especially the ones who spend alot of time at home, I turn pages slowly in home-decorating magazines and peruse the internet for inspiration....all of it being added up into my mental store room of ideas for 'The House.' 

You know 'The House;' every woman dreams of 'The House.' The one where, when you see it, you will 'just know.' It stands regal and white at the end of it's own little lane, and has a wrap-around porch. It has all the things you've always imagined; a big pantry with plenty of shelving, a beautiful open kitchen with white cabinetry and huge sink, a living room with sunlight pouring in and a clean brick fireplace, cozy bedrooms with shuttered windows overlooking rolling hills and other white houses, a bathroom with a claw-foot tub, and a garden (complete with a tree house, guest house, and potting shed) which has already been beautifully arranged by the previous owners. A few old-growth maples and birch trees, a stream in the back, a rope swing for the kids; a laundry room, a warm attic to store the christmas decorations and photographs, and a cold cellar store the root vegetables and pumpkins.


Well, here a few pictures that could be from 'The House.'

The pantry! Look at it, with organized rows of spices and preserves. I've always dreamed of having a pantry where everything fits easily and is quick to be found. Homes feel so cozy when there is a good store of kitchen staples stocked up!

*Sigh* Look at this kitchen. Such a great mix of rustic and white. As you may have noticed by now, I am a white freak. I love white. Our apartment has a hall of white painted bricks. Our kitchen is white. Our curtains and over-stuffed couch and chairs are white. 
Did you notice the little children's school desk, repurposed for the child to sit and snack while the parent cooks? And I love the fridge.

This one is a bit more refined. It looks a bit like my kitchen, though we have black barstools instead of chairs at our kitchen island. The tile backsplash is like ours, and the cabinetry is very similar. This one is so sunny! Love it. 
You can just see two girls having a slumber party in here, whispering, giggling, with flashlights on!

But this one is my favorite. That bed is like it's own fort! Like a treehouse! This is one lucky kid. It must be so fun going to bed when this is where you sleep!

So, would these fit in your vision of 'The House'? 

Enjoy your day!


  1. Oh, Dawn! Your description of the dream-house has got me melted. It's exactly what I want. I love the first kitchen and my little guy wouldn't want to leave this last room.
    Pumpkin soup recipe please? Maybe I'll check over at JO's to see what I can find.

  2. Dawn! You described this perfectly ! I LOVE white too.....The rooms were all just dreamy...

    Bubbling applesauce, rain, cozy,soup making...Oh, my dear friend...all the makings of a glorious day....

    Enjoy it all..

    More later,
    Kary and Buddy

  3. Oh I love you! I'm not such a white girl myself -lots of colour for me -but I completely get why you love it and I love how so many of your ideas relate to mine! I can also see the excitement in your writing about the fort bed! I know that excitement because I used to feel like that as a child...your blog entry reminds me of things I'd forgotten! I love that! xxx

  4. We share many of the same dream home dreams! And I too am a white freak, although Nathan can find it a little stark so it helps that there are floral and feminine elements in every room to soften and contrast.

    We have just bought a very old Ercol dresser that is currently a boring and lifeless dark colour that is soon to be stripped and given the white treatment! xo

  5. What an enchanting bedroom! I want that treehouse bed for myself!

  6. Hey Dawn!

    I love reading your blog:). You're inspiring me to start one of my own:). My husband and I found 'our house' about a year ago- it's a little cape in the 'country' a little ways away from Boston. Since we moved in with our little dog a year ago, we pretty much haven't left:). I frequently sit by a fire (on hot days or cold, although today happens to be a cold one:)), with a chocolate candle burning, making the whole house smell of hot cocoa (yum!), my dog curled up at my feet, leafing through endless home decorating magazines **heart**. Some of my favorites are Cape Cod & the Islands and House Beautiful.
    I, too, could paint everything white- so clean & crisp. Your ideas of the perfect home mirror mine. And when you find it, as I am sure you know, you will never ever want to leave! And you will find endless ways to organize your kitchen cabinets. Best luck finding it!!! :) Thanks for the daily words of joy:)



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