Monday, November 9, 2009

Gold, Russet, and Mist

What an amazing Sunday we had! There was the thickest, most mystical mist soaking the forest, and the leaves were all sorts of beautiful autumn colors. My husband, my mother, Kiki, and I, took an adventurous walk through the muddy woods, and were enthralled by nature's magic.
:: here's Kiki, starting out, ears already wet ::

:: a gorgeous melange of colors...the moss, the bark, the leaves ::

:: something magical about this road ::

:: everytime i look at them, my heart overflows with love ::

:: my mother, teeny tiny beside this monstrous pile of wood ::

:: mist transforms everything ::

:: mud transforms dogs ::

:: aaah, the brilliant colors! ::

:: do i look like i am keeping a secret? ::

:: maybe i am! ::



  1. You live in an enchanted beautiful...dreamy.

    I am going to go with Sharon today. Girls day all day. Lunch and a drive into the country. I am bringing my camera to share our day with you.

    More later and take care,
    Love, Kary and Buddy

  2. Such lovely pictures Dawn - felt like I was there. Thank you xx

  3. Lovely photos Dawn and I wonder what the secret may be?! xo

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photos - I love the trees in the mist...and the road that you love wonderful...having read this entry after the most recent...I'm wondering if your secret has anything to do with storks and pattering feet? Maybe I'm jumping the gun but in the photo you look down and in the last entry you mentioned family...Hmm....if Sleuth Curious Cat is correct...congratulations...if she is wrong...gee whiz what is it?! xxx

  5. ARE YOU?!?!?! Those cheeks look might radiant! :)



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